Getting kicked from Group soon as boss dies?

I don’t normally go to the matchmaker and join other peoples groups. The reason is that EVERY TIME I join someone, we will kill the particular boss we fighting I always get booted from the group as soon as the boss dies. Its happened every time I join someone. Is there not any loyalty to us Borderlands Fans? I just think that’s a crappy way to be. Does anyone else run into this. Are they afraid that I will scoop up any legendaries that may drop? How does that work when joining up with random groups. Is it just who can spot the loot and grab it the fastest?? Anyway, don’t mean to rant but I was just wondering if this is the norm on how people act on Matchmaking? I guess I will just continue to play solo. Just hit UVHM with Nisha and am Lvl 54! I love the game and would love to play more with other players but not if I am being used to help kill the boss just to get booted.

Thanks Vault Hunters for any input.

Hey @Shady1324

Random games can be very trying. I would suggest finding a group on this very Co-Op forum section (which we’re currently in). User reputation can often be gauged there, as vets are very unlikely to tarnish their reputation in such a manner.


Not among randoms there’s not.

Exactly what they’re afraid of. Playing with randoms is a vicious cycle of booting and ninja looting. Just do what Gui says and find a group on here.

Thanks Giuvito!! Makes perfect sense! Ill do exactly that!

Thanks again!

Glad to be of help. If you need help with a specific boss, I have a PS4 and would be glad to lend a hand.

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Thanks for the input @ACNAero I guess it makes sense. Everyone being greedy! :smile:

yah, it’s unfortunate. I run into that as well. I accept randoms every once in a while. The only reason I do that is because I have gained a couple of really good friends in this manner. More often than not, randoms typically ninja loot. which is very irritating to see. I will boot the character(if I see it in action, cause I usually can’t tell who did it) and I block further communication from said ninja looter.

This brings up another point on a this topic of multi player with randoms and etiquette. I was cooping in a randoms game recently. a player kept challenging me to duel. I don’t duel usually. I was ignoring the requests as I was only interested in helping the host accomplish the tasks at hand. This new random that joined was dueling all in our party and ended up at me eventually. and would not give up attempting to duel me. It was to the point where I would jump up on something to get out of the view from this person. and they would follow me always standing in front of me constantly asking to duel. Finally out of irritation, I accepted. I ended up killing this Athena. after doing so, it got progressively worse. now the attempts were frantic and non stop. I couldn’t move cause this person was always in my face. I ended up dueling and killing this person over and over for about 6-7 duels in a row and the person would not give up. I was no longer enjoying the game. this person ruined that coop experience for me. I was even jumping on the mic asking the host to boot this person. I wasn’t the only one being bothered by the duel requests. I just saved/quit and moved on to BL2. LOL :smile:

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My experience with randoms has been mostly negative. It’s usually modders, ninja looters, sprinters who don’t like exploring and farming, dualers, loot drop pukers, help me with this boss then kick you like you’ve described, follow you and keep tryin to trade types (even when I pick up my mic and say I don’t want your gear). I have met a few nice people along the way, but 90%+ is stuff I’ve described. Feel free to add me TC, I play both games and don’t mind helping or starting new characters, and certainly don’t pull shady moves like that. I have a 56 Aurelia I started a while back with a friend who doesn’t play much anymore. psn: shakejunt922

Thanks @Kurtdawg13 and @jhunter922 ! Feel free to add me next time your on. PSN: shady1324

Ill look ya up!!


Edit: Not sure how, but I have drifted over to the PS4 platform. I’m on the Xbone. Sorry guys. Still good stuff though. Reading through others experiences that are almost identical to my own, really cracks me up and gives me faith that there are still good honest gamers out there to be found. Happy looting! :smile:

No joke though. Like cool dude, you know how to download a save file. You’re a friggin’ genius. (Talking about the loot drop goons)

But yeah, cheers! Haha

LMAO!! Too funny. :smile:

U have the option of setting your stats to “does not accept duels” + “does not accept trade” so that whenever somebody starts poking u, they will get a screen prompt with the message.

It’s my default setting, works instantly 99% of the time.

The remaining 1% I simply shift to an Inifinity (corro or fire seems to annoy the most) and then just hammer them into submission and … problem solved :acmwink:

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I hope that is available on the Xbone. Thanks for that info. It would be nice to change that setting.

A couple days late to this thread but, feel free to add me on PSN if you like. PSN ID: UNLO4D3D247
I only have a couple other guys I co-op with because I know they can be trusted and we’re all fair with loot. I rarely open my game to randoms for all the reasons that have already been mentioned so I feel your frustration. Happy Looting!

Vets have gear. Ninja looting is ■■■■■■■■ for that reason.

You know, it’s a funny thing. I join games all the time just for fun and to show of a little when I can. I have every weapon, shield and relic I need and yet the same thing seems to happen to me every time a group I’m in kills the Warrior, as if for some reason that Restructuring Conference Call is any better than the Practicible one I already have, or I really need that Impaler. I’m just more than happy to be in a group doing something productive and enjoying the game, but for some reason I’m booted and I can’t even collect on the eridium or saraph crystals that drop after killing a raid boss. Perhaps an option to report it through a game menu would be an idea. Like if enough people get kicked from their games, Gearbox wouldn’t allow them to host open games for a few days or something as punishment? Idk I’m just thinking out loud, but still it irks me a little.

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The kick thing happend to me, again, last night.

I entered some person’s game thru matchmaking. Person was solo (and unsuccessfully) trying to bring down Hyperius. Person kept dying, I kept reviving + supporting the slay. Eventually person died the speed death bco too many prior dyings.

So I brought Hyper down solo with person watching from behind the gate bars.

And as soon as drop started, I got kicked. (With all 6 at 8, do I look like I need loot? No.)

Person played as commando at level 72+ and PSN name is MadeInSpain1979.

So… should u encounter, consider this a warning.

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uh why are you still doing public matches?

Why … not?