Getting knocked out of ultimates (POLL)

Who else likes wasting 50 seconds in a match to get your ultimate only for Reyna’s sneeze to cancel it as soon as you use it?

  • I love wasting 50 seconds to get my ultimate only for a slight breeze to cancel it, meaning now I have to waste another 50 seconds so I can use it again.
  • I hate wasting ultimates. I don’t think ultimates should be easily cancelled.

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I think it’s great. I like to save my teammates with my Catalytic Smashes.


Knockups/backs are a problem, but only from the thrall


I just don’t like the super minor disrupters messing with them like KU ult or reynas bubble. Everything else seems fair

So I guess I can’t vote either option…


KU’s ult is a hard CC though and will interrupt a skill mid cast. Reyna’s is just a push back.

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Cancels are a thing. Adds a layer of depth that is work around-able by superior map awareness / enemy awareness

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I refuse to participate in this salty, ridiculously worded poll.

Back to the salt mines with ye @Ripley !

EDIT: What @jaden374 said!

At least let the cooldown be halved if cancelled. I just don’t want to start an ultimate for it to be easily cancelled. It’s just a waste of time when that ultimate could save my team’s lives. It’s the fact it’s so easily stopped that frustrates me.

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Canceling an ult with another ult? Sounds fair to me.

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I don’t see any use in a poll phrased like this one.