Getting Major Game play bug with this build of sorts

Not sure why my health is taking any damage at all, when shields are still not depleted.

You’re using a projecting shield. When you crouch, the shield projects a barrier out front, but removes the shield around your body. When you crouched with the elemental dot on, it began to hit your health, and then stayed on your health since it effectively penetrated your shields.

Edit: The fact that it stays on your health could potentially not be working as intended, but regardless this interaction is happening specifically because of shield projection.


Don’t know if it’s a known bug, but if you equip a projection shield while wearing deathless, then you swap back to something else, the shield is effectively gone and you’ll be downed by all incoming damage no matter how fill your shield as you’re basically always taking health damage.

Projection shields seem to have a few problems. The only fix is to restart.

Wish a mod could relay that into the sky or wherever feedback floats into when people say things here.

Edit: in your video, you seem to keep taking the DOT and slide enough times to actually go down. But the above thing is still real.