Getting more game play from DoK: Persistent Fleet and Default Fleet Campaign play through

Getting more game play from DoK: Persistent Fleet and Default Fleet Campaign play through

Being a fan of RTS games and the Homeworld franchise (albeit I stumbled into it late, playing it for the first time in 2014 at the age of 45) I was excited to play through the Kharack campaign on hardest setting (default for me in any campaign) using the persistent fleet.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience! I found it just challenging enough that I had to think but not so hard that I failed the missions and had to start over. In doing so it is difficult for me not to utilize everything at my disposal. I, not always intentionally, exploit the AI by holding off objectives until I have a massive fleet. I mine every last RU in the map! I slowly try to capture every vessel I can to bolster my army or sell and reuse. And laying mines… well, wow, the AI are not to sharp, hehe.

I am unsure if DoK mission progression takes advantage of my fleet size in making the next level more difficult as Homeworld 2 did or not? Anyone know?

I finished the campaign and had a great time doing so!

I then went on to try mutli player and AI comp stomps but ran into some problems… I will write more on that later, I do not want to digress off the point of this post.

I wanted to get more game play from DoK so I decided to go back and replay the campaign with default fleet for each mission (again on hardest setting). I am having even more fun than the original play through! Each missions I start with far less units than I did in the persistent fleet option and therefore have been more challenging and bloodier. I have not always had the option to push off objectives or play it through at my terms because I was strapped for units… even though this play through I better understood each units special abilities.

I highly recommend this for anyone trying to push more game play out of DoK! I have had to restart several missions due to fails… and on a few most enjoyable missions I won literally by the skin of my teeth!

The only thing I was curious about with this option was does the starting RP also set at a default setting or did it carry through my RP from the previous mission? I had not figured that out yet.

While playing it through I thought of yet another play through idea that would be even more challenging… playing through with persistent if the previous mission cost me nearly every unit so that I would start a mission with even less units, oh boy! I wonder if I can try to play through each mission with just a starting carrier? Hmmm

Anyways, let me know if any have tried these things and have had similar results? I am curious.