Getting my ass kicked as Krieg--Could use some help!

So, I’m under no delusions as to my skill level. I know I’m not even close to the best BL2 player out there…but son of a bitch, I’m getting reamed.

I’m on TVHM in Sawtooth Canyon, and I don’t think I’ve ever had this much trouble on TVHM with any other class than I have with Krieg. I’m getting downed what feels like every second, my guns don’t do jack, and I’m always popping my Action Skill at the worst time. I’m dreading the Circles of Slaughter, to say nothing of UVHM!

Needless to say, I’m not having fun with him, which is a shame, since I’ve heard he’s one of the funner classes. I’m almost considering dumping him and starting up a Gaige playthough.

Attached is my build; I’m using a Purple Beef Slab mod.

Help would be appreciated!!

What is the focus of your (intended) build, melee or gunplay? elemental weapons or explosive?
Your problem is that your build doesn’t focus on synergies, instead it has points thrown everywhere.

Don’t give up yet. A change in point distribution and you will be cracking skulls in no time. Easiest way to fix this and play to Krieg’s mobbing potential is to max out the Mania tree and venture down into either Bloodlust or Hellborn depending on if you want greater boom boom potential or want to set the world on fire.

Once you have Release the Beast (RtB) your cooldown for Rampage will automatically reset if you wait until your health is below 33%. So if your timing is good or gets better, you can effectively go into Rampage, heal completely, and gain from the damage resistance buffs that are inherent in Krieg’s skills.

Damage resistance and health stacking is really important with Krieg. If you can get your hands on a Rough Rider and Vitality relic your chances of survival are much improved. Also, try to find a Sickle class mod. This will boost your melee damage potential considerably. Last, make sure you have a go to form of slagging. I prefer a Slagga, but a Slag Bouncing Betty (low-level) will work wonders both for stacking Bloodlust or Self Ignition. The key is to do it in between RtB activations.

This should do well I guess. + reaper or sickle (bloodlust k) + toast or torch class mod (hellborn k)
silence the voices points can be reinvested in other skills (both builds)

@BookEmDano said the rest plus his builds are better alternatives than mine

I’d stay away from StV until the OP levels and use a roid shield instead. StV is best left to those who are used to Krieg’s quirks because smacking yourself in the head four times in a row can be very off-putting to a newcomer. :stuck_out_tongue:

@BookEmDano: I’d go with Strip the Flesh instead.

@nickwieman: if you’re going the melee route and can’t find a sickle mod, look for a rage meat mod instead.

Ideally? Guns, but I recognize that melee is more Krieg’s strong suit.

In order to get a gun-centric build, these are the skills to get:

From Bloodlust, if focusing on explosive weapons:
Bloodbath, Blood-Filled Guns, Nervous Blood, Blood-Twitch and Bloodsplosion.

-Basically, Bloodbath is the main point here since it adds a great deal of weapon damage while it’s active and even more if using a class-mod that enhances it like a blister or a legendary reaper.

From Hellborn, if focusing on elemental weapons:
*pretty much anything except for Hellfire Halitosis

-I’m not sure what is the most important point here since all skills here have their utility somewhat at the same level but if I were to pick one it would be Elemental Empathy, on the later levels of tvhm you’ll be able to get a lot of health regen with it.

Now, you could (and most likely should) combine that with a melee build (something like this) and with the help of Release the Beast actually not die when trying to melee, at level 49 I would recommend this as a rather decent weapon-melee hybrid build while at the same level this, for a completely gun-centric build.

ps.: link for more info on Krieg’s mechanics

That is simpy not true. Krieg has some of the best gun skills in the entire game. I mean, just look at bloodbath. It gives a ludacris amount of damage (250% gun damage unboosted).

Edit: ninja’d :sob:

You can run a bloodlust/hellborn build that is totally gun centic, and its generaly regareded as the superior hellborn build (as opposed to Hellborn/mania).

side note: there are elemental weapons that can proc BB, IIRC the Hornet, and PCs (don’t quote me on those). there are others, I just don’t remember them.

Actually, Krieg is fairly well balanced in a sense that any two combination of his trees will be equally as viable (at least outside of raiding) if played correctly to it’s strenghts, the downsides you get from unspec’ing from either Bloodlust or Hellborn will for the most part be compensated by the bonuses you get from Mania.

About elemental weapons that can proc BB, I know some can but if you want to maximize you chances of proc you want to minimize the number of damage sources that can’t activate it, i.e., a weapons with *splash, impact and dot damage will most of the times be harder to activate BB than a weapon with only splash and impact while the same being true if compared with something that is pure splash like the carnage

*assuming that the splash on all three weapons can activate bloodbath.

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Nothing like showing them how cruel of a mistress RNG can be right out of the gate though :smile:

you want a rough rider or love thumper shield.

also, make sure you keep chucking grenades in between firing to keep your damage up. You’ll never run out with blood bath.

Blood Bath resource guide. Basically just about anything with splash damage can activate BB, but some weapons are guaranteed while others aren’t, like the Ogre and the Harold.

You are an evil man, Spunky. I knew there was a reason I liked you. :dukeking:

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Alright, so I’ve taken everyone’s advice, choosing to go down a Bloodlust/Mania build…and I’m having a blast!

Quick question, though; since Krieg has a built-in melee bonus already, is it advisable to have bladed Moxxi weapons, or is it actually a detriment?

At level 44 or lower Krieg does more damage with a melee-accesory, past that you’ll do more damage without it (this is meant for the normal +50% melee damage blade attachment).

Exception #1: however if you use roid damage then you’ll aways do more damage with a bladed weapon
Exception #2: Krieg aways does more damage whist using a Law or Rapier.

About the build, like I said, just needed a bit of better focus. Note that later on (around lvl57) you’ll be able to use a hellborn-mania melee aswell if you want a safer way to play the game but that would require a bit more point investment before it starts to get good enough for melee when you spec 5/5 in Elemental Empathy and into Raving Retribution with something like this.

There are only two bladed weapons I would even look at: the Law and the Rapier. Everything else will lower your melee output. That and Krieg puts away anything he’s carrying when he rampages. I usually stick to non-bladed Torgue weapons until rampage. With 5/5 Strip the Flesh and 5/5 Bloodbath processed, he can do a [censored]-ton of damage.

fixed that for you wulf.


Alright, cool. I suspected that, but its good to have some confirmation.

I’m clearing up TVHM now in the Circles of Slaughter, and hell, Release the Beast almost feels like cheating :smiley: . Yeah, he does a lot more damage than I gave him credit for.

It’s called Release the Beast for a reason :dukeballs: