Getting my ass kicked on statuesque

Hi folks im kinda new to the game. I have a level 25 zero, and i’ve been playing for about two weeks. Im getting to that point where some things I just cant do solo. Im on Xbox one GT kymagika1212, i play a lot early afternoon and late night EST. Anybody down to clown?

If you ever need help hit me up at ValkyriesHero

Nice preciatte that what time you typically on? Im on EST mornings and late at night.

Nice thank you sir or madam.
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I tend to be on at night when I am done with class work. I can give you tips, assistance, and gear. I still suggest doing most of the game yourself or with people about your level, but if you hit a part you are stuck with I would be more then happy to help you are and what not. If you are level 35ish (max level gear for normal mode) I could hook you up with level 35 gear. I do have a mic if you need a bit more verbal understanding.

Feel free to add me my GamerTag is “ValkyriesHero”

Don’t ever feel like your bugging me or anything either, I like helping people with the game.

yea i like soloing it for the most part, i didnt realize there would
be things in the game that were more like raids such as killing the
dragons in dragons keep, so far the side quest “statuesque” is the
only thing that has bested me, i beat the bunker today and am now
working my way through sawtooth, however the bunker gave me ■■■■ all,
whats up with the that? I thought he was supposed to drop some choice
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He drops two really good items, the Sham shield and the Bitch SMG. Next time you are on shoot me a message and I’ll come and play.

Yea I want both of those do I have to be on UVHM to get them to drop
cause im playing through on normal.
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No, they will drop in all play modes, he’s just stingy at least for me

Thanks Lunatic, I added you to my friends list. Whats up with guns not dropping at current levels? I got an infinity to drop for doc mercy but it was level 8, and i got a maggie to drop from hafford but it was level 18. Im currently at 30, is this normal?

They will be low level. I have some level 35 gear from killing to Dragons while farming eridum I can get to you.

Yes, I believe that your still in NVHM, while the maps do scale some as you progress, most all maps will stay within a certain range, for example if I remember right the mission to first encounter Doc Mercy is around a Level 9/10 mission and gear that drops will be around that level, so the gear that drops will only be around that level, as you progress closer to the end the mission levels go up and the gear will drop at those levels, but if you go back and say farm Doc mercy then those drops will be closer to what the mission level was until you finish NVHM then gear will drop around level 32/33.
The only exception to this is UVHM where everything scales to your current level.
The Gear can drop at either your level or even a couple levels below.

others can explain it better then me and/or point out where I’m wrong

if you want at your level Gear, then go with this, I have some to but best to go with whoever you can reach first the easiest

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Yes, totally normal. There are only a couple of maps that level up to 30 in NVHM, even after defeating the Warrior. Lynchwood and Caustic Caverns level up, and can give you level 28-30 drops.

The Dust is an odd one: the map itself, and the enemies within it, level up continuously through NVHM. Some of the available side quests also level up. Because the Clan Wars side quest is picked up in Sanctuary, however, the whole quest line stays locked at level 18 (which is the level in Sanctuary when it first becomes available.) I haven’t gone back post-warrior in NVHM to see if farming whichever faction you sided against during the quest is subsequently levelled though. (This is doubly-odd since the two quests for Caustic Caverns that you pick up in Sanctuary do actually level up if you don’t accept them straight away. Must be something to do with that Bulletin Board…)

The situation is different in TVHM: once you complete that, all the maps scale to level 50, along with any quests that you have NOT yet accepted.

If you’re level 30 and have completed the Warrior already, just start TVHM.

If you’re level 30 and have NOT completed the Warrior, and want level 30 gear, you can either cash in golden keys at the chest in Sanctuary, or start either the Hammerlock or Tiny Tina DLCs. I’ve also got a bunch of level 30 gear that I can spare, so if you’re short of something let me know.

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Thank you guys so much for the info so it sounds like your really better off to start off on at least TVHM huh?

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Ahh dude your the best, yea i will be on pretty much all day. I dont have to leave to go to work tomorrow till 2 p.m. right now I am doing the treasure hunt side quest down in caustic caverns and after that my plan was to go back to the wildlife exploitation preserve and finish animal rights and doctors orders.

I’m est I’m looking for some to co-op play I’m a lvl 55 zero in uvhm this ■■■■ is hard and my guns are garbage