Getting my rewards

How do I get the prizes from the website added to my account. Yes it’s liked to my shift info

If you mean the heads and skins they will be automatically added once you play Borderlands 3.

The guns should show up shortly after you redeemed them. Make sure you load the character with the right level you want them at first.

Edit: Just saw that this was posted in the Bulletstorm forum. Do you mean the Vip Insider stuff for BL3?

Moved you to a more likely spot. See the comments in this post:

my PSN Email & email for the BorderLands 3 VIP Program is the same However I have not
Recived any loot sent to my PS4.
I have The Handsome Collection ( wich is where all the loot I earned was going to via Borderlands 2 )
I really could some help please. I earned all 8 weapons to earn the Children Of The Vault Weapon & I hope I don’t lose that as well.
Please Help.
cae847fa40515aebfb9ff15ec1dc5afb319ab0eb6e128037c0b2849fdb954902 is the VIP ID #

Moved you to the right spot. As noted in the quote above, first confirm through the in-game shift rewards tab whether the items have been sync’d through the SHIFT system. If they aren’t there, I’d suggest a full console restart and re-launching the game, just in case the items weren’t queued the last time your game signed in to SHIFT.

If they’re showing up in your rewards tab but aren’t in the inventories of any of your characters, you’ll need to file a support ticket for assistance. Make sure you include your SHiFT support id (information on how to find it is on the form) and your VIP ID. You should get an auto-reply within 24 hours and a follow-up afterwards. If you don’t see the autoreply, check your spam folder and white list the sending account if necessary.

ty 4 your help

also for some reason it woun’t let me link my PSN accoumt to the VIP Rewards.
would please advise me on how to fix this problem please?
Thank You in advance…

Sorry, not something I know about other than changes to Chrome’s security and privacy model seem to be affecting a lot of web sites, so if you’re using Chrome try something else. You could ask the support folks as a follow-up to your shift issues ticket as they may be able to advise.

I wasn’t using chrome I was using Internet Explorer

I tried using Chrome & Internet Explorer & bouth wount let me add my PSN account.
This is getting Very Upsetting .
Please someone help please

Did you file a support ticket like I suggested? If it isn’t a problem specifically with your browser, it may be account-related but only the SHIFT support team can help with that.

So I used the weaponised but my in game shift code page doesn’t show them and I don’t have them in game. PS4 BHC. My shift account is linked on PS4 as I have redeemed keys before etc.

I’m having the same problem, I really hope I can get it fixed