Getting no new skin rewards in the Bloody Harvest event

Last year it worked correctly. This time I completed it with Moze again and I did not get any haunted look skin or any Porphyophobia weapon skin. No mail, nothing in my inventory and nothing new to choose from on skins or in weapon skins. Is this a bug or am I missing something? My dad also made this challenge and he also got nothing.

You first have to unlock them in the Bloody Harvest event tab.

The skin rewards are not sent to your inbox. If you have unlocked the skins, they will be in the station where you change your skin. I think it’s named Haunted Look or something like that. The weapon skkn is available in your weapon skins.

Did you opened the rewards chests in Event tab?

Yes, the chests are all open. No new skins :frowning:

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This has been an issue for many of us since event start. Open a support ticket with gearbox to push for a patch of some kind.

I spoke with support over the course of four days a couple of weeks ago and they’ve ‘notified whomever the f*ck’ works on patching updates but nothing new so far.

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Were they open since the start or did you opened them manually after the certain challenges? There is a bug with them and you can’t claim the rewards cause they are already open.

Oh, that sucks. Hope they will fix it soon.

Yes, they have been open since last halloween.

Event is over. Contacted both gearbox and 2k support with no fix. Screw wasting time playing this eternally broken and unfinished game.

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Yes, it sucks. If they won’t ever fix it, that sucks even more. I am also quite mad because of bugs like this. Is there any chance to somehow give yourself the skins via cheat? It is the last resort I guess. I mean, the challenge is already done so would be fair.

Edit: They deleted my last message. I am done with this forum. Bye.