Getting no "Pop" from Execute

So far…am less than impressed with Execute

Doesn’t seem to kill anything at Level 72.

Which means…


What skills can increase the “Pop” of Execute?? Bladed weapon in hand might help this???

I am getting decent knockback and most enemies go to around 10-20% health instantly. But then they are knocked back and I’d need to make another dash for another Execute or Killing Blow or shoot them, grenade them or whatever…

That looks like a death sentence to my slow reaction times at a place like the Peak…or the Magic Slaughter.

I want to KILL them first time on Execute!!

look at the melee damage formula:

A couple questions:

-Are you using a roid shield (and stripping it before Executing)?
-Are you using a weapon with a blade?
-Are you hitting your target with Kunai (or slagging them before Deception if you didn’t spec to Kunai)?

Lots of things to consider if you want to get the most out of melee Zero.

Again…good info.

But a skill like Backstab would ONLY add to the Execute Melee Damage if it was active…as in an attack on the enemies back…correct??

Or is it always in effect for Execute??

Yes, for backstab in particular, only from behind. Execute doesn’t exempt from the different requisite conditions, no.

But before changing gear and skills, do you crit with execute? Doubles your damage right there.

Thank you!


I am “mostly” a gun Zer0 who uses a Blockade and Legendary Hunter

Trying to decide if the point in Execute is worth it for a “Gun Zero” using this build.

Usually have a Slag Grog in hand but it isn’t bladed…(I do have a bladed Grog from the Loot Hunt years ago but the other seems to slag better)

Probably not…seems to happen very fast for my 62 yr old reflexes. How would I Crit?? Crosshairs on the hit box then Execute??

EDIT: Am pretty good at Slagging…Deception…Kunai…Death Mark

Yep, just like a gun.


Before I give up on this skill I will:
add my Bladed Grog
Aim for Crit

Thanks for the advice fellas!!

Go with a Rapier instead and aim for their crit spot after you’ve slagged them. The parts and element on the Rapier don’t matter because all you’re interested in is the 200% bonus melee damage.

Like the idea…and Level means nothing for the 200% Bonus…correct??.

Does a higher Level Slag Rapier slag better than a lower level??

It’s the same bonus regardless of level, so a level 30 will perform the same as an OP 8 one. As for slag chance, I don’t think it changes, but I’d have to check the parts chart again. I’d use DB and Execute 'em after all of the kunai have exploded. You can also through some MMs before you go into Deception when you’re up against a tough enemy.


Getting crits with melee is tricky… I’m still practicing this to this day (I have a habit of ignoring the crosshairs and aiming with the animation, which isn’t as reliable as I like).

The slag chance on the Rapier (as an assault rifle) is so low though… I mean, it’s there (and when it works, you’re good to go), but still. :dukepuke:

Question! Would a bladed Trespasser ignore shields when used as a melee weapon?

Critting with an Execute is really difficult because, like shooting Torgue weapons, the hit doesn’t land instantly thus a slight movement of the enemy is enough to nullify one’s effort.
Beside, since you mostly want to attack from behind, you’ll notice that enemies’ shoulders cover their head, particularly if they’re trying to melee you’re decoy; there also are enemies, like juggernauts, who have enormous shoulders that cover their tiny heads and that makes landing a crit even harder; I think I’ve never been able to do it myself, even if jumping and then executing.

On gun Zer0 Execute is mostly for positioning, anyway; not that you can’t make serious damage if you get a good roid shield but at that point I think it’s better to go full melee and enjoy the ninja style.

P.s.: forgot to mention: to get the max damage bonus out of Deception the hit has to land when the timer is under 0,8 seconds.

P.p.s.: another thing about crit spots: skeletons in Tina’s dlc (and the likes); you don’t want to aim for their crit spot 'cause of their helmets: if you do, you won’t deal any damage. You either knock their helmets down first or just aim at their back.

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Without being fully spec’d into melee, it won’t kill as effectively, but it’s still great for the knock back/stunning.

But like others said: make sure they’re slagged and death marked, make sure you’re “behind” them, switch to a bladed weapon, try to wait until there’s under a second on Deception, aim for crits, and you probably already know this, but throwing grenades doesn’t break Deception, so use that to your advantage. Throw out extra slag just before you hit them, use Chain Lightnings to strip shields (yours and the enemies), etc.

At the end of the day though, it just takes practice.

Hi all,

Or just use melee including Execute as a finisher.