Getting rid of cosmetics clogging storage

Title basically. I’ve got a load of heads, skins, trinkets, etc in my storage so I’m getting rid of spares and ones I don’t think I’ll ever have a use for such as gifting to friends who ever pick up the game or whatever.
You can message me here or on PSN: Zethren527

The List

ECHO Themes:
-Candy Cane

Room Decor:
-Saloon Sign

Weapon Trinkets:
-Tactical Tentacle
-Nothing Gold Can Stay (x2)

Beastmaster Heads:
-FL4Kenstein’s Master

Beastmaster Skins:
-Festive Vestments

Operative Heads:
-Devilish Rogue

Siren Skins:
-Festive Vestments

Hey do you still have the spare devilish rogue head? Ive been farming for 2 days straight with no luck.