Getting rid of some gamma burst stuff, and a few extras I have

I would be interested in the brainstormer.

What have you got for trade?

I’d love that Red Fang and that Brainstormer; is there anything you’re looking for?

Looking for a corrosive cutsman that’s anointed with ASE damage, also an incendiary lucians call with consecutive hits, ice breaker otto idol with cryo damage and efficiency

My Ice Breaker Otto Idol only has cryo damage. That’s as close as I’ve got.

What else have you got, I know those are pretty hot items but I’m open to other stuff

Pretty much need anything Spezial?

The couple of items listed above, I dont have a recursion yet either I’d like to try one

I’ve got a Rakk 100% anointed corrosive Binary Stark Cutsman if that’s of interest?

Sure which item are you looking for?

Or this?

Oh that ones nice also, I hate decisions lol

Have both. The Brainstomer and the Com?

Also have loads of ASE lucians, in diff elements… just not consecutive…

I’ll take some photos…

Alright, I’ll be on in just a bit watching the Mandalorian

Cool. Just add me on PSN. Here are some Lucian’s as well:

Also really looking for a good knock back grenade…

I dont have any knockback grenades unfortunately

I’ll do the com and brainstormed for the cutsmans though

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Sent the request