Getting ships out of HOD files

(Charvell) #1

It’s been a long time since I’ve modded HWRM. I recall making a Turanic Drone Frigate and a Turanic Multi-gun Frigate from the original Array model but I can’t remember how I was able to acquire the models from the HOD. Can anyone help me jog my memory?

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #2
  1. Open cfHodEd for HWRM:


  1. Open a HOD (File > Open):

  1. Dismiss any errors:



  1. In the ship meshes tab, select the mesh (there could be more than one) and click “OK” to the warning message:

  1. Select the LOD you want (LOD 0 is the highest detailed model) and click “Export”:


  1. Click “Yes” to reverse UVs:


  1. Take your model and do something with it (e.g. import into Blender):


Note: textures can be exported in a similar way:


…and so long as you clicked “Yes” to reverse UVs, it should be straightforward to re-apply them to the model:

[MOD] Homeworld Universe Remastered
(Charvell) #3

I’m guessing I have the wrong version of CFHodEd… or the file format has changed since the patch? I don’t have access to the older hods. Went through a reformat since then. Lost all my old stuff.

[edit] I have access to the old files now.
Where can I find the CFHodEd or latest version? Searched but no luck yet…

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #4

Try this. @shadowwinterknig gave it to me, not sure where he got it from…

EDIT: I use this for post-2.0 HOD files.

(Charvell) #5

I found actually works better. It opens some files that doesn’t. Go figure…

(Trebic) #6

Visual Basics .net source code.
There are 2 branches, master is the pre 2.0 cfhoded and remastered_2.0 is the post 2.0 cfhoded.

(Charvell) #7

You sure that’s the right link? Call me stupid but I don’t get it.

(Trebic) #8

It’s the source code. You will need to compile it into a runable program. If anyone has the skill, they could finish it off so it properly functions ( I’m not the dev, just found it in my search to edit the newer hods)

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(Charvell) #9

I thought it might be something like that. I don’t have even the slightest idea of how to do that… but thanks for trying to help :+1:

(ajlsunrise) #10


Extract and run

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(Charvell) #11

Thank you :wink:

(Liuruoyang1995=Lone Wolf Akela) #12

So you compile it from the source code in remastered_2.0 branch? But I remember that branch is not finished and just won’t work?

(ajlsunrise) #13


it compiled. i didnt take a look at if it worked without bugs.

my recommendation: dont save anything with it, or make sure you have a backup before you save.

i know it ignores sections it doesnt understand, but I dont know if it outputs those sections when it saves, or if those sections are needed by the game to function properly, or even if those sections are a hash of other sections and modifying those other sections might need to modify the unknown sections

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