Getting sick and tired of junk gear

Am I the only one playing advanced and advnaced/hardcore and barly getting a green even though the fights are often way more intense?

Im already feeling ripped off for having max rank and max rank characters and I get no exp or anything. Gearbox really shipped out half a game. I should have waited 6months before I got this. It would have been cheaper (Its already 40% off the digital delux) and more complete.

I wouldn’t mind an option to scrap items as I receive them at the end of a mission.


Might just be an isolated incident but I got a legendary drop from solo normal yesterday. I regularly get rare and epic gear from boss battles in advanced solo. Some challenges reward uncommon loot packs which have a chance at rare gear and then there is the coins you gain in pve 500-800 per map which can buy gear packs. If you are looking for specific gear you can check out some guides that offer which faction gives what gear.

Is it half a game because you aren’t getting what you feel you are owed on an admittedly low drop chance item? If so, you are at level 100 something that took me (again by no means the end all be all, just one guy) a little under 100 hours to accomplish. 100 hours in a game is usually considered a full game by Rpg standards and most RPGs run the same price.

Could you explain your position on this being half a game? I don’t see the correlation between drop chance and completeness of game. Though a number of times on this forum it has been pointed out to me that I might just be incompetent.

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Im really frustrated that the RNG is punishing me. Ive done over a dozen advanced missions this morning and only gotten 1 peice of blue gear each run but a massive amount of greens and whites. This is of course after some very intense boss fights with 5 people and the boss drops a green thats not even good is really annoying. (Advanced Rendain droping greens is annoying as hell)

I was refering to half a game by the amount of bugs that can ruin your play experince, ever get a boss stuck in a invulnerable state or outside of their locked boss zone? ever have to puch bolder up the stairs in the one mission hes in? ever do Saboteur and have 3 Varelsi disrupters spawn at the same time who then spam their knockup that destroys the node and kills you party with no counter(Among other random bad spawns, gotta love first wave elite hordes)

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This wouldn’t be an issue if gear wasn’t so absolutely neccesary in pvp.

RNG + PvP = no bueno hasta la vista

This game has a lot of fundementally good ideas at its core, then it proceeds to ■■■■ all over those at every turn.

Great points, I’ve had the sentry on the experiment break down and keep his impenetrable shields up even though all the turrets are down till that mission fail screen showed up…

There are a number of bugs, I need to start documenting them more so that we can get some fixes rolled out.

The loot is terrible with the rng, a good model would be to have pieces we could work towards purchasing or unlocking so we have a tangible goal as well as a random roll.

Actually, those issues have happened to me.

The few times that the boss stayed invulnerable in my group (I think it was Sabateur’s final boss when fighting Lothar Rendain). We just waited for no more than a minute before he was able to be killed.

Boldur takes a long time to run up the stairs, but runs up after about a minute and a half? (I haven’t sat there with a stopwatch to check)

On Sabateur I normally jump up top on the catwalk above the back end of the room and snipe (if i’m playing marquis or OM/WF) and that works out quite well. But those spawns aren’t a bug or don’t show an incomplete game in any way shape or form. Obviously if your strategy of mobbing everything at the center isn’t working, then change your strategy up.

On topic though, RNG is RNG. I have put 80 hours into the game and have gotten 10 legendaries and I don’t know if that’s lucky or unlucky. If it’s a good ratio of legendaries per hour then I’ll just consider myself lucky, if not? I’m just unlucky.
Gear goes from uncommon to legendary with reduced drop chance the more rare it gets. That’s how it’s supposed to be right?

Legendaries should be hard to get. Since when did people start expecting to just stumble across cool stuff? That’s why we get excited when we finally get it

Have to say cleaning up the garbage loot each day is a bit of a drag.
Even buying faction loot packs, pay 1900, sell 3 items valued at 10 each.

Yeah but…

There is a fine line the game has to walk.

Too stingy and folks get pissed, or tired, or both…and walk.
Too easy and folks get bored too quickly and fade away.

But I really thought GB had learned this lesson from BL2 when they finally upped the legendary drop rates and it was met by players with huge success.

I personally feel the game is currently on the “too stingy” side and needs some tweaking.

But that is just me and my opinion.

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GearBox should definitely be less stingy. In hardcore/advanced, reward players for their effort. Not with a legendary every time, but make it like they would a normal boss in BL2. Each boss should have an increased chance at specific legendaries (as I believe they do already) but at the same time should still drop some good purples and blues, not greens and whites especially on hardcore/advanced. Because why even go through all that to get a green? Unacceptable

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Legendaries aren’t necessary in PvP at all. Buildables will get you a lot of XP which gives you levels before the enemy team and being around buildables helps you and your team significantly…and an enemy team that recognizes that and kills them when they can means you gotta spend more to get them again. The lower cost items provide a similar much sooner benefit to a player like going for buildables.

The match has to go on for most of the maximum time limit and have basically both sides constantly fail to really get a crack at most of their buildables for me to ever say “Well I really wish I could buy a legendary item with all these shards I got lying around right now since there’s nothing else to do with them”.

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I didn’t say legendaries specifically, but while we’re there their are a few golds that confer buffs to the entire team that a good premade would happily step aside and allow that player to grab all the shards for that are pretty game changing late, let alone early on.

I think that if they increase the amount each of the items are worth, it wouldn’t be as big a deal for me. If i go into a match on advanced hardcore, with a team of 5, no one disconnects, we beat Rendain, only to get a green? That sucks. But if i can swll the loot back and get at least an epic pack for my troubles, tnat would be acceptable to me.


Personally I’d like to see the ‘Purple’ level items without RED text. It’s a lot of credits to spend on a Purple Gear Pack and to get an item with bad side effects, like -230 Health for instance, you just don’t use them. I delete anything with red text.

White, Green and Blue maybe so, but not Purple. Takes a long time to save up those credits.

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I wouldn’t say intense as much as ■■■■■■■ dumb. They basically just cranked the damage up on the enemies to “give a challenge” I beat heliophage with a partial group because basically we had to chain rezzes to keep alive and for half the fight it was just 3 of us. There’s still some that we absolutely get shut out on because at level 1 and 2 you do no damage and get pretty much gibbed if you’re not hiding in a corner or don’t have heals. The best gear I’ve seen from them is blues…yeah not worth it.

My only gripe with the loot system is that there is a rarity system. It does not need to exist. I have many legendaries but never use them in PVP, shard cost is too much. I often find green gear that is better. Some white gear is a great choice for PVP. Shard gen gear with 0 cost is wonderful. I’ll take a skill damage boost of 5-6% at the the first few min of a match than take 7% halfway through. I don’t think this game benefits from and RNG drop system at all. Why not just have the option to buy gear with credits?

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Im not even talking about legendaries, Im talking about doing all of advanced hardcore modes and only getting green items. No Blue, No Purple, all Greens and whites all the time.

Then of course they have mostly terrible stats aka you trash them and you cant even trash items at the endgame screen you have to clean the garbage outta your command box.


I would atleast check the negative stat in epics before trashing them… I have a +140 shield strength, +4.2% skill damage, -reload speed battery that I use on Thorn. It costs like 750 shards, costs less than a blue and is fantastic for Thorn.

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I’m more bothered by the fact that it takes forever to get these great drops, then they’re totally impractical & inefficient for PvP and you’ll probably never use them. I have all these character loadouts w/ their lore legendaries, but they’re basically useless in PvP unless you build around unlocking one game-changing legendary (like Ambra’s or Montana’s). All legendaries have the same activation cost, but wildly varying stats, utility & effectiveness - there’s essentially a flat 800-900 cost for the legendary effect alone (some of which only proc like 5-7% of the time) - and it’s far too high for them to be practical for PvP. The rarity system determining activation cost & flat legendary cost don’t make any sense at all honestly given the nature of the game, punishing you for trying to use your hard-earned drops.

Keep your junk gear, b/c you’re gonna need it.