Getting Started in PvP for people that don't PvP

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I’m Misguided and I’m a PvP noob.

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This thread inspired me to want to create a post with information that might be helpful for Battleborn players that are primarily into PvE and don’t have experience playing PvP in games. For anyone reading this that plays mostly the PvE in Battleborn and feels intimidated by the PvP, but is willing to give it a shot, I wanted to give some VERY basic tips for getting started in the hopes that maybe you will also find it to be more fun than you ever thought possible.

Very quick background on me as a player. I’ve been a computer gamer since the 70s (console too, I guess, if you count the Atari 2600) but have never had fun in PvP until Battleborn. I’ve always been intimidated by the mere thought of it and generally have avoided games were it is required (Aion is an exception, but I was trying to get a job). I briefly tried League of Legends only because my son likes it, but outside that have never played a MOBA. I love Mass Effect and Borderlands, but have never played a multiplayer shooter outside when it was required for work.

PvP in Battleborn requires teamwork

What’s great about this is that even if you aren’t great at shooters, you can still ease your way into PvP and contribute to the team’s success. I’m still learning and trying to develop my skills as a player, but I am having fun in the process and don’t feel like I am dragging my team down most of the time.

Play with some friends if you can

They can hold your hand a little and help you along. If you don’t have friends that play, ask on the forums and I bet you will find people willing to help. I’m not a player that is going to carry a team and I find I play better when I have a solid team around me to give me some breathing room. It’s easier to learn the flow of the match types that way without being under constant duress.

Focus on the team objectives at first

Collect shards, build things, escort minions, destroy enemy buildables. Learn where things are located on the map and how to get around as quickly as possible. If an enemy player gets super aggressive, just back off and focus on survival.

Don’t worry about getting kills as much as survival, initially.

Choosing a character like Oscar Mike that has a good way to escape is a plus. Likewise, picking a big, slow character can be frustrating when you don’t know your way around (and where snipers might be hiding). In your keybindings, there is a button that lets you return to your base, which lets you recover health quickly and get back into the action. Use it. If you find you are getting pummeled by an enemy repeatedly, do what you can to avoid them (e.g. if there’s a sniper giving you problems, call them out to your team. If you are playing Meltdown, don’t be afraid to switch lanes).

After you do that for a few games, and understand how the mode works, then you can start to expand what you do as you feel more comfortable. If you do get killed, take a moment to consider what went wrong. Did you advance too far? Chase an enemy you shouldn’t have?

Start Developing Awareness of your Surroundings

One of the most important things you can do is to go into options>gameplay>match map display styles and select “minimap only”. This will give you a constant display of the entire battlefield. You can see where your teammates are (and enemies when they are near your team), when the big shards are available, where enemy minions groups are, and all kinds of other things. Try to get used to looking at this map often. It may take time to get used to, but keep at it. Eventually, you will start to recognize problems that are about to occur and be able to respond to them proactively, or if you respawned or went back to base, figure out where you should head next.

General Notes

Try different characters

If something isn’t working for you, try something else rather than get frustrated. You may find that once you have more experience, you can circle back to that character and play them more effectively, but not every character is well suited to every skill level or play style, and that’s ok.

Bot Matches

Private pvp matches are useful to try characters out up to a point, but be careful not to form bad habits. Real players will punish your mistakes far more readily than the bots will at times, and work together more effectively. And if you are playing well, you will probably out level them most of the time. Trying to push the limits of survival in bot matches will get you slaughtered against real players. Figure that any near death against bots would have been an actual one against real players, so consider where you might have acted differently.

Every character in Battleborn is OP in some way

This is one of the things I love about Battleborn. If you get wrecked, there’s probably something you could have done differently. Get mauled by Rath’s ult? Did you panic and forget to use your quick melee to knock him away? (It happens all the time, trust me) Did you have a crowd control ability you could have used? Were you out of position? And sometimes, another player will simply get the best of you because they are a good player and used a skill properly. THIS IS OK. Don’t get discouraged by it. Take a moment to consider if there’s something you could have done to survive and move on.

Above All, Have Fun

PvP can be a blast in Battleborn, even for an old curmudgeon like me who thought they’d never enjoy PvP in any game. But if you aren’t having fun, take a break. You can always come back to it another time.

Additional Resources

For more tips and guides on Playing battle born, try these threads:


This. This is all solid advice. I can’t say any of it is, “ground breaking, change the world” advice, but it doesn’t make it any less solid. I came over here after finishing reading up the posts on the thread I made and you were kind (and quick) enough to provide a link here.

Reading this, it feels like things I already knew in the back of my mind from one game or another, but somehow felt very reassuring just reading it from someone else. And you gave the most important piece of advice of all. To have fun, and if you are not, step back and take a break. Battleborn isn’t going anywhere.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go share this link with some friends because I feel this needs as much viability as possible. Good luck to you sir and live a happy life.


Appreciate it. All this stuff is VERY basic and is intended for people that, like me, had basically zero experience in pvp. There are some much more detailed guides on the modes and such…I ought to add those in for once people get past dipping the toe in the water, so to speak.

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