Getting stuck in algorithm

On the third mini-boss (galactic overlord) it is possible to get hit into the air and knocked back. One such time one of our team (using montana) was hit directly back behind a walkway. As a smaller character (orendi in this case) you can walk right under it to get out. Our Montana character however was stuck for a good 10 minutes. It took some creative walljumping (invisible ledges) to finally escape.

Sometimes (once) upon death at the air vents you will go into spectate mode. I still had 3 lives left and had to restart.

Would agree with Jacaith. One of our team got stuck, too, and we had to wipe, rather than leave him behind. Please address level building in the area of the ice drill, specifically. Great fun, otherwise!

Is the teleport to base option available in story like it is in MP (holding down on d-pad on controllers)? Don’t know, just curious.