Getting to op10

Anyone Willing to help me get through all the op’s gamer tag for Xbox one PozzzzaHH s1998

Sure, I’m still on from time to time. GT = CommonDefence

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Also, if you start a public game and people see you at digi peak, they will know you are looking for help.


Alright thanks mate done everything else and have all my gear 72 solo just never done op

The op levels for 72 only went to 8; with the “fight for sanctuary” dlc it starts at level 80 with 10 op levels.

  • I’m not completely sure but I’ve read a number of posts that mentioned the original ones had been broken with the dlc release
  • 360/ps3 versions should be unaffected

Yeah just found out currently on my way to 80 then hopefully op10

I am on a completely different platform, but running any OP level has to be done death-free. This is why it is a pain to do as a solo player. Eventually, you will be placed in a Fight for Your Life situation, and your FFYL weapon of choice could be the difference between life or death. Not sure what is considered to be the best weapon in this slot.