Ghalt - 100 Jennerits Killed By Trap Help Please

Is The Renegade the best place to do this?

This is another very annoying one.

The Saboteur is a good one, too.


I’m surprised at you! You’ve gone through several characters, and that’s the one your having trouble with?
I believe I did Renegade, place it near the small thralls. And make sure you get extra explosions helix, not… I don’t remember what the other one was…


it’s the best lvl. specially at the end on the side were the lower thrall keep spawning, drop the traps before you start the whole sequence and keep dropping them as they spawn. i got it in about 2 full playthroughs the lvl. it’s tideous, you might have to do it a few times.

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@kennysded You must remember, I’ve done the vast majority of my lore challenfes in PVP and hadn’t used Ghalt much until recently!

@Accursius13 Thanks!

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I know but pvp is harder usually :stuck_out_tongue: you’re gonna hate Melka’s if you haven’t done it already…
But yeah you should be able to get it fairly easily with some timing, positioning, and a cd reduction orb :stuck_out_tongue:

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