Ghalt any good after the Scraptrap change?

I know Ghalt wasn’t a popular pick in the first place since he was so easily countered with awareness. Now i barely see Ghalt at all and was wondering if it has anything to do with scraptraps not stunning anymore. He is maybe one of my favourite characters and I would hate for him to become useless.

He is dif, focuse more in buff his pull instead of trap hélix.

He has a lot of base dmg! Crits do a lot!! And traps are not that great but can help kill battleborns without an escape.

Dont try to pull phoebe, isic, attikus unless low hp or they already used their escape skill.

He has a quantum ■■■■-ton of DPS but most of the people that played him became dependent on the one trick he could do. So those guys will say he’s dead because they can’t adapt but he still has a lot of potential. He is also a very heavy counter against any big targets.

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Really? I found him in most matches. But yes, he is. Probably highest DPS in the game

He seems pretty solid still imo. I think they need to make it so that scraptraps stick to whatever it’s triggered. I think it would make his traps closer to what people want and also be pretty damned funny to see a player run around with traps latched onto them

I was thinking something along the lines of a much shorter cool down time but this sounds more fun. And if they run back to their team it will blow up on them and their friends.

For an idea that just popped into my head about his current state I think it’s pretty good. It’s good for his trap helixes that seem a bit underehelming, really useful on characters with high mobility, and help solve the oops I hooked a full health melee guy by balancing quick melee and regular shots. Plus multiple traps sticking to a character makes it really fun. May require toning down the shotgun a bit but whatever.

Actually the more I think about it the more I want it to be a real thing…

No. It is because his hit detection on moving targets is absolutely shoddy, and his ult is more glitchy than the rest of the game combined.

Just to names a few:

Dissappearing shotguns.
Ghost bullets.
Shooting animation plays but he doesn’t actually shoot.
Offset reticle.
Ult getting stuck, rendering him unable to attack.
Sometimes when activating ult, nothing happens and skills are still grayed out.

These aren’t even once in a blue moon types of glitches either, they happen consistenly.

Also his traps are still buggy as all hell… Have you ever seen a trap fly to the moon? Because i have… a lot.

Easily countered with awareness? LOL

You didn’t see Ghalt because if a good player wasn’t playing him he was worthless. Then you have people like me who have absurd amounts of games on him and still rock a higher then 70% win rate on him.

Also he’s bad after the change.

Or if you have a Galilea that know’s what to do ^^. Probably one of the best combo in this game is Ghalt’s hook + Galilea’s shield throw.

Nope, He’s very good still. Just needs more teamwork than before.

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They got fixed, I have played a lot of galth!! And never used his ult for that reason.

He is not… You need to learn more than 1 trick. I felt the same at first, because we used to pull 100%hp battleborns and now thats a stupid idea. If you pull a fresh rath he will combo and kill you, now you need to shootgun him and pull when he tries to retreat. Trust me he will retreat before your hp gets low.

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