Ghalt - Best Gear / Methods To Get First Blood In Each Game Type

Ok, im probably overthinking this one, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I got the first kill as ANYONE in a PVP match.

I need to get one as Ghalt for one of his lore challenges.

I’m thinking of equipping a zero Shard Attack Damage, zero cost Attack speed, and zero cost reload speed on him so i can have an extra edge right off the bat.

What do you guys think is / are the best method or methods for trying to score First Kill in each map type?

Thanks in advance.

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If you can land crits, take that instead of reload. Or, on mic, basically ask them to feed you a kill and then in exchange…? Build for the rest of the game perhaps?

Crit damage!

Ok but what tactics wise just bum rush the enemy right off the bat, fire wildly, and hope i overwhelm someone and score a kill?

Trap, wait till someone’s low, pull shoot shoot dead. Bada bing bada boom

I’m so bad with his trap and pull, and what if someone has gotten a kill by then?


If they’ve already gotten a kill by then, then you have missed your opportunity and have nothing to worry about.

Seriously though, you may get lucky rushing in shooting blindly, but it’s better to stay towards the front but not too far out from the rest of your team. Either hook someone close to your teamsmates to initiate or wait until someone engages another teammate and rush in to help. There’s usually 1 person who does this every game. You might not get the kill, but it’ll give you even odds and still help out your team.

Well, do Faceoff I suppose so when that happens it’s not as bad for you. Then use it as a practice opportunity I suppose

Toby is your best friend. Plug him a couple of times from afar, then hook-trap combo and nail him in the crit spot. Build white-level Crit Damage, Attack Damage, and Attack Speed.

@epicender584 @hobbitwarrior

Thanks, guys.

I was thjnking of sticking to Capture for this, but with how often Meltdown gets voted in, it’s probably safer to stick to FaceOff.

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Use attack damage over crit damage if you’re tossing up between the two.

It will boost crit damage naturally and is still effective if your not critting.

Just hook trap someone with less than full health and shoot them. That’s literally all there is to it.

Good luck :slight_smile:



Someone beat me to it by litERALLY A FEW SECONDS IN MY FIRST MATCH!!!

I think I’ll stick to Meltdown / Capture if I gets voted for.

First of all, I looooove Meltdown.

Second, I like how enemies are generally divided between the lanes in Meltdown, making them potentially easier pickings for my First Blood.

Third, I need to win 3 more matches as Ghalt anyway for a title.

You missed your chance for easy FB bro.

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How so?

Or are you referring to what I said in my last post?

Hook-trap an eldrid.
0 cost items: attack damage, attack speed, crit.

If an enemy starts wailing on the poor eldrid, save a shot or two or do a quick reload before it gets too close, then save your shots for the final blow… and make sure to pull them somewhere way out of position, far away from their allies, and preferably somewhere where your sentry can land a shot on them.


Because pre-nerf ghalt could hook+pull someone 1m into the game and kill them.

capture is easily your best bet. Games are short and there isn’t a bunch of other “stuff” like minions turrets in your way.

You will have far more chances in capture than in any mode. I made the mistake of doing about half of mine in incursion. let me tell you 20+ minutes in a game only to get 1 shot is hardly worth it.

I felt my chances shot up dramatically once I got into capture. I was almost always a part of the first kill in every match it seemed.

I would just equip your regular PVP gear. Its more about right place right time than anything. Unless you come across a kleese or toby. Those guys are dead meat.

Bum rush imo. Go in with the mindset that you’re going to bee-line it to them and murder the first enemy you see. People don’t expect to get hooked in the face the second they see the enemy. Rush -> Hook -> Headshot -> Profit. Ghalt’s got insane base damage to begin with on his shotgun so just use 0 cost movement/sprint speed and w/e 0 cost thing you’ve got to buff dmg or attack speed. Rly though you shouldn’t need any gear with that approach. Need a lil luck too of course. Should work in any game mode as ppl usually run ahead of the minions in Incursion.