Ghalt Discussion

Trevor Ghalt,
Fondly referred to as ‘Papa Shotgun’ by the gbx team.


Edit: Going off the brown ‘Longcoat’ he’s obviously without a shadow of doubt from the United Peacekeeping Force faction (, or at least he was :wink:) and based off the shotgun I think he’ll be used as a close range tank type. Also, he’s tall, like really tall, Montana tall.
Since he uses a hook as a distance closer i doubt he’s that fast (, but faster than Montana of course).

Considering that in some of the footage in the trailers he’s got 2 shotguns and but in the gameplay we’ve seen he’s got one, I have a feeling his ultimate ability is dual-wielding (sigh)

(G** I hope i’m wrong)

Just make a permanent dual-wielding character for Battleborn already!

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Nisha dual wields pistols with one of her capstones so…

I really hope he belongs to the Rogue faction, one of the characters that have yet to be fully revealed that peaked my interest.
If he indeed is a Rogue: bonus points!

No good, due to the gun obsessed nature of borderlands, limiting a character to dual-wielding with only one weapon class should be considered cruel and unfair teasing :imp:

Unless you want Salvador’s level of faceroll, it is for the best to have it either limited to one type of weapon or limited dual wield.

That’s exactly why we need a permanent dual-wield character in Battleborn (, who can’t change their guns)

We’ll see when he’s completely revealed. I’m honestly more concerned if he’s a Rogue or not.

I’d be extremely surprised if he is anything other than a Rogue.

It seems pretty obvious he’s not an Eldrid, Jennerit, or LLC member and he doesn’t have the typical look of a Peace Keeper either (pale green, typically with stars). His appearance far more fits in with Reyna and Orendi in both color and style, in my opinion.

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In that case, the Rogues are shaping up to become my favorite faction in general.
With Orendi being the character I like the most up to know, and Ghalt being possibly another character that will suit my tastes.

I’d just like to point out that there is already a peremnantly duel weilding charecter in Battleborn.


I NEED!! to know right now! :open_mouth:

Rath uses 2 swords



nice troll

(revs chainsaws)

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Well I prefer dual wielding revolvers. It’s so much more classy that way.

And yes, that is a veiled suggestion that I want Serious Sam

Wow - I did not expect that. From the news post on Mellka:

I guess Ghalt’s a Peacekeeper after all…



(runs off to investigate)

This… this… might be a good thing… it means the rouges will probably be faction with aliens in their ranks or something. :worried:

i noticed that yesterday and i have been thinking about it. i do still think he’s design is more rogue than peacekeeper. so this made me think of a nice twist. Ghalt is both, he is a peacekeeper that is undercover at rogue HQ. because the UPR remains nonetheless committed to their idealistic sense of justice. As rogues are the space pirates, smugglers, etc. in battleborn, it could be that Ghalt is undercover trying to catch the big from the inside out.

(oh men…i need to write a part 2 of my speculation blog)

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You think he’s in the United Peacekeeping Republics? He looks more like a Rogue to me.

Well, this is honestly a bit of a downer. Still a character I might though, and it’s not like there aren’t any other Peacekeepers I like.

I agree - there was no doubt in my mind he was a Rogue based on the limited info we had on him (clothing, color, and look of his shotgun and “hookshot” ability). I was really surprised when the Meet Mellka article stated he was a Peacekeeper…

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Why think he’s undercover? Seems like the Occam’s razor idea is that he simply defected to the rogues, after being asked to do some dark opsy evil stuff