Ghalt first blood lore - any tips?

I pretty well only play pugs. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions / game mods that would be best for getting this done.


Edit: Thanks again for the tips. Matchmaking finally smiled on me and put me against a low level team where someone on their team also disconnected.

For anyone else, I got Echelon as a map in incursion. I rushed the first sentry, went to the left of the staircase where their sentry is, dropped a trap, and when a poor thorn was unlucky enough to step out, I hooked her and boom boom.

I can’t imagine needing to get ten of those…glad God changed that lore requirement!

He is one of the strongest character at level one… If you can hook someone into your traps at level one and if you shoot at his head you should be able to kill him before the stun ends. Just ask your mates to let you the first blood and it should be good.

On overgrowth place your trap between the single shards spawn (between the 2 tunnels) and the central block, as it’s not on the lane no mobs should go on your traps and you should have a good angle to catch an enemy player… just try to not take a tank as you won’t be able to kill them fast enough (you can still try, with luck you could kill them)

I have heard that capture is pretty good for this. It’s fast paced and if you play it enough you should be able to snag first blood. Otherwise its as tbawin said. Hook into trap is the(only) way to go. I would recommend taking a few potshots before hooking tho just to be safe.

Appreciate the tips. I gave it a try and was met in the alcove by Alani, Pendles, and someone else that I didn’t even have time to see as they stomped me, lol.

I think part of my issue is the match making. Every time I pick Ghalt, I get matched against VERY coordinated teams. Pub stomp every time. It would probably also help if I was a better player :unamused:

Oh well, try and try again!