Ghalt hook from perch in Overgrowth

Hello All, I am not sure if anyone has noticed this - why is it that Ghalt’s hook does not pull the player out of the perch in Overgrowth most of the time? Is it because the player is colliding with the perch itself, as the direction of the hook is at a diagonal from the lower ground?

This is my understanding as well, when you pull from ledge with ghalt (or fetch) you pull the players downward which makes them collide, if you jump and hit the pull at the right time though you can pull them out. Atleast i have done a few times, might have been luck though.

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As azzer20, jump. This wil lavoid lots more colision on the pulled player’s path and allow you to pull far more players successfully as the result.

I’d yet have to try that jump hook. From the mid thrall I have seen some of my teammates hook w/o jumping, but maybe it was a perfect position for the other to be pulled.

Aiming high also helps

It depends on how “close to the edge” the enemy player is. If they’re right up on it, you won’t hit it. If they jump when you catch them it’ll pull them too.

It’s easier to pull of with S&A since their pull trajectory stays wherever you hit the button at, with Ghalt you kind of have to pull and “then” jump to get someone since the trajectory changes to wherever it is when he “yanks” on it.

I’ve found aiming higher actually hurts more since you essentially just have their character model follow the pull animation back down along your trajectiory, so aiming lower keeps the pull “flatter” meaning it won’t go down as quickly, while aiming higher has their character model go “down” faster while being pulled.

Either way, a hop is pretty much a necessity unless they’re right on the edge.

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I’ve seen the same thing happen with Shayne and Aurox trying to pull a Benedict that is up high on Paradise.

Thanks all for the tips, I’d have to try them out. Ghalt is amazing as it is, with the funny random “here comes the hook” tagline he says.

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Ive come to the conclusion that his hook is good about 75% of the time on flat, level ground. Ive noticed that in some cases it launches the person clear over your head and behind you. This puts you at a severe disadvantage when you were expecting them in front. Also, when there is literally any inkling of a hindrance in the way when you hook someone, it will stop them and won’t drag.

This is the main reason I quit playing Ghalt. So many times you land your hook on someone who should land right on your scraptrap, only to have them go flying over your head and get away easily. That or you hook them and they stub their toe on a piece of gravel and stop moving

Ghalt’s hook+trap technique is a bit complex to setup, and maybe reserved for those who might put so much time perfecting it. It may have to be in a perfect spot because by the time you have setup the trap, the other hero is already out of the way of the line from hook to you. If someone would be able to identify the proper technique, then it will be so much helpful. But for now, I am left with putting the traps on the escape paths and acting like a Rath (assassin) chasing on outliers instead of what Ghalt’s role is (which is I think to control an area).