Ghalt in PVE damage low?

I played a few pve games where other players were Ghalts but I still had him locked, and I noticed very low damage output from them. Sadly I had the same experience with Ghalt during beta, but I decided to give him a try again after unlocking. I was pleasantly surprised.

Turns out, he can do extremely well if you do it right. For me it was:

  • Slug rounds mutation
  • +25% reload speed mutation (so no double-barrel shots)
  • +15% tactical shells damage
  • Clip item: +21% reload speed (common, don’t have a good blue item)
  • Sword item: +9.18% attack speed, +6.56% critical hit damage, -5.24% damage reduction (708 cost)
  • Fist item: +4.51% attack speed, +7.89% attack damage, -4.51% damage reduction (608 cost)

Not sure about other items, but the reload is most important. Attack speed is useful when you’re emptying the cylinder at a boss’s face or just have no time to aim, and damage is self-explanatory.

The trick to success is firing carefully. Like, really aim every shot. At the head. With double-barrel mutation I was consistently hitting major enemies for 1700 damage per shot. But prolonged observations have shown that in such case a miss (which happened quite often) is very costly. Also it’s an overkill when you’ve got lots of weak enemies coming at you.

Keep in mind you can shoot like a sniper with the slug rounds by both aiming down sight or from the hip but the damage isn’t as good. If you crit though, it’s still OK (as opposed to doing zero damage with shrapnel).

It’s not just a single game, I’ve been topping on damage a few games in a row having Galileas, Oscar Mikes and the like along.

That’s all I’ve got to share. Cheers.


They gave him a 50% buff late in the beta but then reduced it 13% because they over buffed him.

He is very powerful now

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