Ghalt is a balanced Gunzerker with a Catchy Hook

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I have been gradually working my way through all the Battleborn and Ghalt marks my 24th character that I had sort of avoided partly because I’ve tried doing characters in the order they get unlocked and to spread out the melee characters etc. But a lot of people I played with seemed to really dislike him, which made me dread picking him up (like that filthy El Dragon character).

I mained the Gunzerker in Borderlands 2, and after playing Ghalt for a bit I can say he has what the Gunzerker was (not just the fact he’s duel wielding) without the brokenness with how you could stack skills in BL2. Depending on how you play him, Ghalt can do A LOT of damage, and his Scraptrap/Hook combination make soloing missions like The Renegade a breeze even on advanced solo.

As for PvP, it varies…Maps like Echelon have good locations for setting up traps but up against a lot of range and CC it can be a nightmare playing as him.

Whoever worked on him did a great job! He’s definitely on my list of characters I will come back to and play!


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I would agree, except for the part where you like him. Blech


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I assume it is because I was quite a fan of the Gunzerker in BL2. :wink:

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You love El Dragon don’t lie.


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El Dragon is a clapping troll that runs as soon as he engages in a fight. Even though his lore was kinda funny, I won’t choose to play him, and that is why he is Rank 15 :wink:


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I preferred maya and zero, with a side of gaige. Explains a lot about my character choices here.

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I love Ghalt, but I loved him more with Slug Rounds and Axton was my main in BL2 followed by Krieg. So, no bias here.


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Gage, krieg and axton were my main.

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Gaige was a lot of fun, especially because of how drastically different her trees were. When I beat OP8 it was with my brother as Krieg. What build did you use? He went full melee and bloodsplosion

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Full melee and fire and half into the gun tree. Lots of points to spend with the dlc add-ons!


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The Hooooook brings you back. I aint telling you no lie iahia.