Ghalt is a Monster

I know a lot of people haven’t played against him (or with him, for that matter,) yet, but Ghalt is an awesome character. His setup traps, abduction, and rushdown are incredibly fun to play around with, and his helix is more varied than most other characters I’ve seen.

If you can unlock him, give him a try. I went 14-3 on my first game with him through liberal use of the hook on their smaller, weaker champions, and by the time I got my hands on his dual wield I was just steamrolling the enemy team.

Definitely one of my next masteries.


Can you still unlock him for getting gold badge for his challange instead of silver?

Yeah, as long as it’s at least Silver you’ll be all set.

I can dig on Ghalt. I’m not great with his play style since he can be a bit fragile if confronted too heavily up close and his ranged helix choice for his shotgun shells is still kinda inaccurate, but he’s fun as heck and I certainly want to get better. He also has fun dialogue.

I just need the saboteur to unlock him now, how much score do I need to get? For the silver at least.

Couldn’t be sure about that one, sorry. I unlocked him by getting to rank 40, which may honestly be the easier option. Once you get him though, oof. He’s a behemoth in mid-range.

I think you need 60,000 at least for a silver on that one.