Ghalt is OP AF now after his recent damage buff

Im getting slaughtered by ghalts left and right not even using their scrap traps. Hop around a corner, tag me with a chain and instantly kill me in milla seconds. Granted im Kleese but i have 3k of shield and health to get through. Do they test this ■■■■ before they put it out to the public?
Edit: I’ve mastered Kleese and know how to deal with Ghalt but I’m seeing a lot more brazen Ghalt players just running into the base on incursion and wrecking shop. Maybe its more of a combination problem of this and having an underpowered sentry that doesnt ward off attackers?

Some people say he’s useless. Kleese is hard countered by Ghalt, you have to have your team handle him or stay out of hook range or stay at max health. He’s terrifying to Kleese. And yes, it was tested. They simply don’t have the unlimited resources of other developers

The more you play kleese the more you learn that avoiding Ghalt and Montana are necessary life skills.

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Being Kleese is suffering. Such a nice target to demolish.

Ghalt is cool though. His damage might be high, but his kill secure has greatly gone down the drain. Those traps of his are laughable.

This is the absolutely first I’ve heard of him being op since his nerf. Chains are still good, trap is moot, I’m pretty sure his Ult is useless in anything but a sentry. Doesn’t seem op at all to me


Kleeses is most definetly a bad example of ghalt being op. Doesn’t have the escape that others might and the slow is definetly probably still bad for him. One character being good(or a straight hard counter.) to another character is not evidence of being op

I mastered Kleese and he’s my main but lately Im noticing there is no running away from Ghalt. Especially with the new underpowered sentry in incursion, your base used to be a bit of a safe haven but now anyone can come in and wreck shop with little to no consequences.

Ran into my first good Ghalt post ‘nerf’ yesterday and got absolutely torn up as Benedict.

The dude went like 13-1 in a 4v5 and carried his team to a huge come from behind win on Paradise 450-480ish after they went down 300-140ish.

I was Benedict and I couldn’t show my face anywhere without getting hooked and killed in about 2 shots. Even when flying away the damage was obscene at mid range.

Scraptraps are now just a nuisance but Ghalt is a menace.

Ghalt just needs to be reworked entirely. Nothing about him is fun

Galth damage its too OP. ridicoulus OP.
Only two shots(sometimes one, im exa) and you out and he dont necesary use a item to do that monstrous damage.

Well, considering all variables, this would depend on your character’s health pool and whether he landed crits. Either way, I have never been killed in two shots by a Ghalt and I main Orendi. Ghalt is far from OP, he does his job the way he’s supposed to, and with the removal of stun on his traps he’s about as strong now as he was before the changes.


i dont say Galth as character is OP i talk about the damage. Was more tactical with his stun than a kill fast with only a pair of shots.

From my experience, he’s either the best hero in the game or the worst. If your team isn’t functioning well, then he’s bad. If you can hook a player and then your team focuses on said player, then he is brutal.

Very hit or miss, but when he hits…

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reapeat… I say the damage its huge.
I know its so obvious … you will death when all team hit you of course. but im not talking about the team or other tactic… d…a…m…a …g…e…

He’s a big target, has nasty damage drop-off, his tight spread isn’t always a good thing and he’s super slow. That definitely balances out the damage for me. He should be a close range powerhouse - that’s useless if he can’t hit in his range


He clears waves fast as ■■■■ with traps now on reduced cd, he’s got decent range, not far but luckily he’s got ways to pull people in and allied cc as well and headshots STRAIGHT UP MURDER people. Tight spread is ALWAYS a good thing so your shots actually hit their designated target. In regards to his size it’s the upper middle range but he has good defensive measures and he’s just wide which make him stand out.

They jsut shifted Ghlat fomr being an auto kill guy to a still near auto kill you but need to aim more but can do it faster and can kill bots fast

Get a beatrix who can buff you after a hook or ult. Is basically an instant kill lol.