Ghalt is too strong now

I just did a 21/3 and the 3 rounds before went equally good. Since the update Ghalt is too strong. I even got just insulted because I rekt the whole enemy Team by my own. I’m not an expert, but what happend there could be considered virtual ■■■■ :joy:

To also say something productive, let the attack speed at it value but decrease the attack damage again by 25-33%. Otherwise one can plant a Mine, Hook an enemy over it and quite instantly kill the enemy while he is stunned

Kind of reminds me how Phoebe was in the CTT. Like I said in another thread they really need to stop buffing anything. Do they honestly play test these buffs before putting them out?

I think maybe some of these people used to work at Bungie. :slight_smile:

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Since the patch i also played the first time ever against another Ghalt (i was orendi). This dude was the best Player of the enemy Team and didn’t even use traps or the Hook. He mostly just shot the enemies down. He is really too strong right now :frowning:

I haven’t played as or against ghalt. nerf his unlock rank