Ghalt Is WAAAAY Underpowered

Ghalt’s shotguns are waaay to weak. I couldn’t do anything with them, as they only do about 100 damage with each shot, (keep in mind that most characters have health alone of over 1000, some 2000. Not to mention shields) the traps stand out like crazy, and do little to no damage, and it’s extremely difficult to land the hook on a target. If I do manage to land a hit, I’ll pull them towards me, but since my shotguns are SO weak, they’ll end up either killing me or running away every single time. His ultimate gives him 2 shotguns… That’s it… No buffs to damage or movement or anything… Just 2 shotguns to dual wield with for 10 seconds. I feel like you guys at Gearbox were afraid to make this character too powerful so that he didn’t seem OP, but he’s the very last character you unlock, and he’s the weakest, by far.

I agree, but I also think there’s a right way to play him. He’s probably the last character you unlock, because of the skill required to play as him.

I don’t reccomend picking him unless you have a co-ordinated team with characters that can take advantage of his pull and traps, in that scenario he is a god-like ambush leader.

(get his invisible traps and learn to pull using your own merits instead of the easier hitbox)

edit: Although, yea, for shotguns the damage is pretty low. They need to buff his close-range damage, his ult basically does the damage he should be able to do without it.

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The shotguns damage is pretty bad in the beginning but with the correct helix choices they can rack up some pretty good damage on groups in his ult. I would change the amount of ammo he has since after you take the double barrel perk you only have 3 shots before having to reload which is mandatory to do any real damage in his ult. The hook is fine but should stun them for 1 second after you reel them in since they made it really hard what with the delay and travel time. The traps are really good for wave clears but since you need them to kill effectively I felt i was wasting them on the minions.

Overall i would tweak his traps and let him set down more as a base then upgrade to 4 since they are on a pretty long cooldown. The shotgun damage just needs a little buff since i can see his ult becoming a problem if they buff it to much.

The first time I played him i was like “wtf?”. I was so super Bad and already wanted to post here that the character needs to be improved. But then I played a few more rounds and have to say, Ghalt is an awesome character. He is not very strong but has a good endurance and is a crucial Factor in Team Fights. Also his Ulti is super effective. You just have to get this known better.

Although the character should have the highest difficulty not only 2 stars

He’s getting a 50% damage boost on his shotgun so prepare for more enjoyment.

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I think Ghalt is underpowered too! I mean, it’s freaking hard to hit that claw thingy and his shotguns do so little damage if you even get an enemy close. I placed a trap, and then pulled an enemy in it with my claw and kept shooting at the enemy and they didn’t even die. Not even close to death. What? Isn’t Ghalt supposed to be like, quite strong in a short range?

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But if you could plant a trap, Hook an enemy and kill him at the end of this Combo, then he’s too strong. It should not be too easy. He is not the killing character, rather a Support for his Team mates to kill


Yea… but guys he’s getting a 50% damage boost on his shotgun today, so…

And now he is toooo strong :joy:

Extremely weak to extremely strong, lol. GBX are new to making Mobas so it’s expected that balance issues like this will occur. All Mobas suffer from this. The ebb and flow of meta is ever-changing and hopefully GBX realized that this game isn’t going to be a game they can just release and forget. For as long as the servers are up they’ll have to continuously revisit and tweak it.

That whole difficulty rating system is suspect. I would really like to know by what standard do they rate them. Miko gets an easy but ambra gets a complex…

Yea I its way easier to play with ambra