Ghalt on Ghalt Action

Has anyone ever seen this happen before?


Epic chest bump.

I’m still laughing haha


Lol, I had a similar experience with Kelvin(s). About three times during the match we both sublimated at the same time and would stun each other.

Yup that actually happens quite a lot if there are 2 Ghalts. Also, 2 days ago I played Shayne and there was an enemy Shayne as well and we both took the grab and stun helix and stunned each other a couple of times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol!! That was funny

Maybe once in a blue moon.

This is @Lftstrafe’s.


Happens more often then I’d thought then. It was the first time I’d seen something like that and I was getting comments on the Xbox club to the same degree.

Another thread title that mislead me into thinking someone had finally submitted some “Battleporn”, haha! This one is PARTICULARLY apt.


When galth hook was a little bit bugged he jumped, hooked me to the sky. Past his sentry and ended in thrall camp. Good because i stole their thrall and teleported back.

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I’ve done that, it’s not fun.

ive done it with shayne a bunch too