Ghalt strats and builds

Lets talk about builds and strats for Trevor Ghalt!

Did I see this guy pull out a harpoon of sorts?

He uses a chain kind of like pudge from dota or roadhog from overwatch

That’s a first-person game mechanic that sounds insanely fun to use… like that would make a pretty decent action skill for a BL3 character.

It sure would!

I feel like his damage is lacking a lot, even at close range. For someone who needs to be close his shield and hp go down way too fast aswell. pulling people is a deathtrap for yourself.

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Although, I suppose he’s more of a team player, it makes him a definite no-go when solo queing in pvp if the randoms your with aren’t using a mic.

I can’t fathom how bad he’d be in Story and I don’t think i’ll ever try him to find out. Guess there’s a reason he communicates to you from the ship.

I haven’t tried him out yet but from the gameplay I’ve seen he’s more of an ambush character.