Ghalt ult is near usless and needs a change/rework

Let me just start off by saying the game is a blast and I’ve been having loads of fun with Ghalt. Hooking people is super satisfying and getting a clutch hook/trap on an important member of the other team can really turn things around.

That being said, his ult is bad. I basically never use it unless I’m level 10 and I’m using the speed stacks/CC immunity to get away. It’s got a lengthy “cast time” (~2 seconds), does less damage per hit than the normal shot, you dont get tactical shells (No bonus 25-40% bonus damage on half your mag), you’re effectively silenced for 12 seconds. For a ganker who relies on his abilities, it’s pretty much the opposite of what he’d want. You can’t use it to gank as your ability to stun/debuff is gone while it’s active, and the cast time is too long to use it after a hook. It’s a cool idea, but it just doesn’t pan out, gameplay wise. All in all, I feel much more lethal when I’m not using my ult than when I am.

If you want to keep the Duel Wield concept for him, maybe make it a slightly shorter CD but only last 1 magazine. Every ult, you can take out another shotgun with 8 shots (4 with double barrel) but no duration. It goes away whenever you use all the shots in the 2nd shotgun. You can still use hook, but not traps. Something like that, you get the moment of higher damage for those “oh ■■■■” moments OR use it in preparation for an ambush/gank, and still gets benefit from tactical shells and your helix upgrades, but the damage duration is lowered. Or, maybe have the other shotgun get whatever upgrade you didn’t choose for the Level 3 helix. So if you chose 30% more pellets, when you pull out the 2nd shotgun it has the 100% more range slug (which you would shoot with M2).

Or hell, maybe it just needs a “cast time” reduction, or a damage boost or something. Make the last 5 seconds give tactical shells. The point is, having an ult that makes me feel weaker and is more useful for running away than fighting, despite being an “offensive” ult, is crummy.

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As someone who has been on that ults recieving end…no. I was amazed how fast he killed me with it. Feels in line with other damaging ults.

Yeah I find myself not using it too much, just because the hook/trap is so satisfying, but it definitely is awesome. It shreds bigger tankier targets, which I think it’s meant for. Plus it’s really good on turrets in incursion. Not sure of the exact dps but forgoing tactical rounds for two shotguns and no reload seems worth it. And like you said, once you get the immune to cc, I use it just for that if nothing else. That in itself is an ult.

Plus, Ghalt is so badass, even if you don’t like his ult

At least it’s not as useless as Reyna’s ult, but I see what you’re saying. A hero’s ultimate should ideally be able to change the course of a fight or even the course of the match if used at the right place and the right time. There are a few heroes who just can’t do this and a few heroes who have very powerful ultimates who can definitely do this.

his ulti needs to benefit from helixs for sure. i deal wayyyyy more dmg with the double barrel shots than an ulti.

I remember being able to 1v1 a Ghalt as Miko when his ult was up. This was after the nerf to his self heal btw. I’m a little worried about him getting another buff though after what happened in the beta. Also, Gearbox likes to look at the stats when deciding on a balance change, so he might never end up getting a change if overall results speak otherwise.

Either way, I’d much rather have an Attikus buff over a Ghalt one. Our thrall friend is a bit overdue for some tweaking.

Edit: Came across this video

Any doubts I have about his ult are gone. He seriously needs it fixed.

Yeah the ult does need a damage boost. I feel like they forgot to boost the ult damage when they made adjustment to his shotgun damage.There’s no reason to use the ult at all other than to spray on the minions.

“Double his damage” in the tooltip? Ha, more like -55% after level 7.

i just 1v1ed a shayne n aurox, both full hp, i used ulti, hit every bullet, i died just to shaynes boomerangs. no abilities used by her. pretty dumb. prob woulda killed her just using my 4 mag shotgun and a trap… this makes 0 sense

It’s fine. You should try to use toby’s ult and then complain about having double shotguns.

Toby’s ult has 2 uses. Piercing reyna’s ult shield and taking down large pve minions when your right trigger finger gets tired.

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Am I the only one who thinks that Toby’s ult isn’t that bad? Sure, it has a long start up, but it does impressive damage and it isn’t that hard to distract enemies with arc mines and force fields. Then again, maybe I just have to try him out a bit more before I judge, but from my experience it’s not half bad.

The only one? No probably not. Definately on the minority though. The main problem is Toby’s regular charged shots do so much more damage faster. It has a long startup, slows your movent, and does lackluster damage. Couple it with a lore challenge that is nogh impossible (ok just really hard) and it’s easy to see why most hate it.

Meh, worked for me. Still wouldn’t mind a buff though. Toby is so rare in PvP.

It’s not bad, it’s just not good either. The problem is it does basically the same damage as his railgun, it’s harder to use, blinds you, disables your ability to use mines, disables your ability to throw down shields, disables your ability to use dodge jets, slows you down, has worse range than your railgun, and doesn’t get the upgrades your railgun gets (splitting, enemy penetration, ability to detonate mines) so it comes out to being LOWER damage when you factor in the fact you’ve been upgrading the railgun the entire game.

All the while facing off against issac’s permanent tank mode, or galil’s melt into the ground/go invincible/healbackup/fullshieldsandcorruptionnowlol mode, or raths aoe instakill to nontank classes or instacast black holes or insta cast aoe slow armageddon boms.

It’s pathetically weak compared to your primary fire, comparing it to other character’s ults is like comparing a ranged character’s quick melee vs raths primary melee. It’s completely out of it’s element and doesn’t even compare.

I wouldn’t even be THAT annoyed if the game didn’t think getting MULTIKILLS! MULTIKILLS!.. with it was going to be a fair tradeoff instead of most other character’s “play 5 matches with so and so on your team”.

Toby got robbed, and whoever checked off that his ult was fine for shipping after the beta needs to be replaced because I realized exactly how lame it was about the 2nd time I used it.