Ghalt ultimate doing zero damage

It happened a few times that i actívate ghalt’s ultimate and i do zero damage, it’s not that my aim is off, it’s that it literally can’t hit anything. here’s a video i took of one of those. oh, “zero damage, now die” moments i’ve been getting with ghalt.

also, i feel like a nerf is coming, im getting 150 (480 post) dps average and i get 60 (120 post) with galilea, and she’s in her 3rd official nerf.

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Think I’ve noticed this too. Game is messy when he’s doing that so I’m not really sure but…
I just died 5 times using it on Helio and with Thorn I don’t die unless I’m tossed into the void.
I’ll spend more time with this later today but right now, meh, not impressed at all with Ghalt.