Ghalt Ultimate is crashing my game

Title sums it up. Whenever I try to use Ghalt’s ultimate skill, my game freezes temporarily, crashes, and I get a Windows error saying “This Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware.” Sometimes I’ll get this error before the game crashes.

Every .ini tweak I’ve tried doesn’t work. I can barely play this game with my graphics settings as they are. Searching for those errors results in a few Task Manager fixes I’ve tried and all of them have failed to help.

Can someone help me? I’d blame my graphics card (which is incredibly terrible and can’t even get a solid framerate), but this is literally the only thing in the game that crashes it. Everyone else’s ultimates are fine, PvP is fine, bosses are fine, I can fill my screen with particles and attacks and all it will do is cause more slowdown.

I’m assuming it has something to do with the specific effects going on during his ultimate, but I really can’t fathom what it is.

Gearbox, anyone, if I can find a way to play my favorite character to his fullest, I would be forever grateful.

Think you may have answered your own question when you said that your graphics card is terrible.

I would use fraps to see what your FPS is during gameplay and during ghalts ultimate. Maybe you are using it during a chaotic moment which adds more pressure on your gpu which can’t even handle the game so well to begin with.

Maybe try to put all settings to low and o/c your gpu.

Listing specs help too. Good luck

I really just need a decent PC. I’m currently playing on a laptop with Intel HD 4600 as my graphics card. To be honest I’m surprised I’m getting as good of results as I am.

And I’m 95% sure it’s not a frame drop issue. I’ve tested it out by firing off while looking into a skybox where the animations are really smooth. I’ll shoot a few rounds and then, boom, crash. Also, there’s been two times where I was able to finish the ultimate, and both were during hectic PvE firefights.

From that I have to assume it’s something involving Ghalt’s ultimate interacting with something specific in the world. I really can’t figure it out, and tbh since it’s only this specific move that’s causing the problem, I feel like it’s just poor optimization on Gearbox’s part.

I mean, obviously if I had a better graphics card I’d most likely be fine, but I’d at least want GBX to consider this if they’re looking into optimizing the game further.