Ghalt vs. Marquis (Video)

I was doing some solo Ghalt play and this Marquis had been bugging me this entire time. They won’t like Ghalt when he’s angry…

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Could you please edit your post’s title to what the post is about, and put the video link in the body of your post? Thanks! (Hit the pencil icon at the bottom of your post to edit; you should be able to edit the title in the same editor window as the rest of your post)


Garrus you did it wrong!
But that’s compleatly fine.

Just do what vaulthunter said and this here your first thread will be ready.

Also I never thought you would even make a thread in the first place so yay. Welcome to forums m8.

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And welcome to the forums :heart:

I just edited your post a tiny bit so people can watch the video right here.
Now we just need a title for your thread. Something more descriptive, so people know what this topic is about.

Changed it to “Ghalt vs Marquis” , but feel free to add another title if this one is to plain - just click the little pen-symbol and you can edit it yourself.

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