Ghalts first blood lore challenge is ruining the game for me :(

Any tips??

14 matches and I came close twice, but once I had my kill stolen and the other, my teammate killed someone else on the otherside of the meltdown map.

I would like to play capture mode because matches are significantly faster, but I just searched for 20 minutes and I couldn’t get a game going…at 9PM on a weekday. Yeah, no. This is unacceptable.

So I guess I’ll just stick to Incursion since I can get a match, but then I have to play 30 minute matches, so basically I only get a few shots at it each day.

I hate to say it, but I might have to be “that guy” and search for one last incursion game before bed, and try for the kill and quit out for the night.

ORRRR gearbox can enable lore challenges to be completed against bots. Seriously…do that gearbox and give us other rewards to encourage PVE’ers to try out PVP every once in awhile.


Play Capture & stick close to a teammate. Have your teammate(s) take the heat, throw down a trap, hook’em, & hope that your teammate(s) don’t kill them before you do.

…Or you could just hook someone off the edge with you along. Apparently, that count for me.

wow, that is baller lmao!

Ok I got it done finally lol. I ended up hooking into a trap and letting my teammate do most of the damage. I was having issues getting the kill because I was running out of ammo when the enemy was at a sliver of health, then when I was done reloading, my teammates had already killed them. So I let my teammates do the brunt of the work instead so I had enough ammo to get the job done. Just a tip, in case anyone else is in a similar boat.

But in all seriousness, I feel like some of these lore challenges do more harm than good. You can always tell when someone quits or votes to surrender it is because of lore challenges.

This is my GOTY by far and it sucks that the population is so small. I feel like gearbox should make lore challenges easier for less skilled players (not saying I am unskilled, I just went 14-4 with ghalt). Just my thoughts.


Funny thing is the only reason I evne finished Ghalts lore is because I got 1 first blood kill BEFORE they lowered the lore challenge down to 1. Without that I probably wouldn’t have suffered through trying to get 10 first bloods with Ghalt. So I mean they DID make the challenge easier by far.

I’ve seen a lot of people more than willing to help people with Lore Challenges, all you need to do is ask!

I was able to do Ghalts lore challenge when it was 10 first-kills, but i’m totaly stuck on Tobys double kill with his ultimate, if this will ever happen its pure random but not because i planned to do it … it is frustrating :confused:

@maledicus did you know that with Toby’s challenge you don’t need to kill both players with his ultimate? I didn’t realize that until I was watching a youtube video. Or maybe it’s common knowledge and I am just stupid lmao! It made it much easier on me though

I got all of the hard PVP challenges done finally. The low player base is freaking me out :frowning: Want to get the platinum trophy for this game and I’ve been working my butt off. Long wait times doesn’t make it any easier. I sincerely hope this game picks up steam.

I got all 10 in incursion, Overgrowth. I would just run full tilt from the side door that drops down near the Thrall, picking up shards as I went and move to the middle, buy the turret, drop a trap and pull the first enemy I saw into the trap. With shotgun plus turret it finished them off fairly quick.

BTW this works best when your teammates are right behind and you’re not running in 1 on 5 :slight_smile:

Yes i know :slight_smile: but thx for the hint anyway !

Best regards.