Ghalt's helix choice to shoot both barrels is incomplete

When I choose to shoot both barrels simultaneously my attack speed drops dramatically. This should be clearly stated in the helix option to reduce confusion.

The slow-down makes sense and I agree with it. It still does appear to do more shots per second. If it shoots at the same speed, then why the heck choose the 25% reload speed when you can have 100% fire rate? It’s like Orendi’s primary and secondary attacks.

Because as it sits its almost a negative to take it.

Single-barrel shots take around 4.25 sec to fire all 8 shots, 2 sec reload.
Double-barrel shots around 3.2 sec (+25% fire rate) all shots, 2 sec reload.

Definitely not a straight negative. The only negative aspect is half damage distribution, which only matters when the 2nd barrel isn’t needed to make the kill and when you want to apply slow to 3 or 4 enemies before reloading.

The tactical advantage is double the pre-emptive strike damage (before they react to being fired at) and half the aiming time (though this can induce a psychological problem too).

Conclusion: balanced