Ghalts helix not working right?

So i was playing ghalt just now and something weird was happening.

FIRST… i chose his level 3 helix that turns his pellets into a single slug… it says its suppose to do better damage at longer ranges, and it WAS… but only SOMETIMES.

FOR INSTANCE i did manage to shoot a miko from about 30 yards away and kill her with some good hard hitting shots.

BUT… BUT… for some reason shooting anyone else on the enemy team my shots were only doing like 67 damage per shot…? that seems kinda low for a big giant slug doesnt it? Especially since miko was taking like 180 per shot… something just doesnt seem right.

AND THEN… i chose his other helix that makes it so you fire 2 slugs at once.

BUT… the damage didnt increase at all? I was still hitting miko for around 180 and the rest of the team for 67?

2 giant slugs hit a guy in his chest and it only does 67 damage? Something just doesnt seem right here.

Why is miko taking normal damage but the rest of the team somehow only took 40% of that damage? Surely they dont all have 60% dmg mitigation right?

And why did the double slug helix give me zero bonus damage?

Am i reading it wrong? it says fires 2 shots at once or something like that… doesnt that mean double damage compared to one shot? I wish i had this on video but sadly i dont. I can get it on video if some1 could tell me the best way to record game footage.

EDIT: i should also mention his shots were doing little damage even at POINT BLANK RANGE ( i managed to trap and hook quite a few players… which USUALLY is a guaranteed kill, but for some reason this game i couldnt kill a single person, even tho i had them trapped, hooked, stunned, and was unloading slugs into their face.)

any1 else ever have this happen? thought something wasnt working right … i was hitting harder at level 1 than i was at level 9

180 means you were hitting miko in his massive critbox, doesn’t it? Also, Ghalt’s shotguns are a little buggy, hitreg doesn’t work well with server side lag.

no the hits to miko werent crits. if i crit miko in his head it was like 350 damage.

but i was shooting montana in his head while he was trapped and stunned, point blank range and he was only taking 67 damage per 2 slugs? point blank range? fishy

I just started to play Ghalt a couple days ago and I’ve been experiencing similar oddities. I know he gets the bonus damage with the last 4 shots in the cylinder, but I was noticing numbers that aren’t adding up.
Shouldn’t Ghalt do double damage if he is firing both barrels simultaneously? Assuming both shots hit. I’m not sure if 1 slug can miss and the other slug hit when fired simultaneously, but should it give 2 separate damage numbers to indicate that both hit if it were possible?

Well, Montana’s critbox is the smallest in the game, and damn near impossible to hit. However, yeah Ghalt’s helix and guns have been buggy for a while. Just play someone else and wait it out. That’s all you can do at this point. :confused:

yeah… its weird… i wish i had recorded the gameplay…ghalt FTW lol the only character that gets weaker as u level him up! hahaha next time i play ghaly ill just get to level 3 and then never use any more of his helixes after that because they seem to be buggy.

Yeah. theres definitely something up with ghalts gun accuracy… i wish i had the footage of the gameplay… like i said…


just want to point this out because he seems like a fun character to play if his things are working right. Maybe the server i was playing on just got bugged or something weird happened. Hoping a mod or dev can look into it please.

Yeah I tried the slugs a few ties but didn’t fell like it did anything.

If the Montana was in Ice form and was stacking dmg reduction then it’s not un-reasonable.

but thats the thing… montana wasnt in ice form… and i checked his gear i saw no shoulder pieces.

pretty sure this is a bug that the devs have missed .

hope it can get looked into… its strange though… i havent had this problem with ghalt before… only this game … strange right?

I have always found Ghalt to be really inconsistent. You can have perfect aim, but for some reason 1/3 of your shots just dont do anything.

I doesnt seem like any of his helix choices stack with his ultimate either, so in a lot of cases you are actually doing less damage with your ultimate up.

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there were several times in this match i had shot a character from 2 feet away while they were stunned and it somehow missed. =/

The double shot helix is definitely bugged and has been for quite some time.

One of the devs acknowledged the issue awhile ago on reddit.

interesting. it looks like that topic was made over a month ago… wonder why no fix for him yet?

glad to know im not the only one seeing this issue… and im glad im not just going crazy.

theres deffo something wrong with ghalt.