Ghalts hitbox ? problem with it?

is his hitbox smaller than him?

i usually play sniper… and i have no problems hittingbig guys like toby and isic, but some reason ghalt just cant be hit.

doesnt make sense

i dont think im that bad of a shot.

how come i can kill every other chracter but ghalt? even when he stands still sometimes my bullets miss him… ??? what?

i dunno i am very confused i wonder if anyone else has this issue

Never experienced this. But as a Ghalt player I have experienced point blank shots miss. And firing blank bullets upon using his ultimate is just hilarious.

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Sometimes I pop Ghalt’s ultimate and just mow down a wave of minions and the 3 enemies sheparding them. Other times I unload the whole 10seconds into a single enemy Battleborn and do so little damage I wish I would have taken just 2 or 3 normal shots. I f ind this is really obvious on a smaller target like Marquis, Mellka, or Thorn. It’s like the pellets just go around them.

I had this problem earlier today in story mode with just normal bullets. I think I have seen in pvp, but when it happens, he dies so fast, it’s hard to tell if they were normal misses or not, lol.

In story mode, I was able to get a good clear look at the shots that weren’t registering, even though they were dead on the target.