Ghalt's hook... did it always do this?

Was playing Montana tonight against a Ghalt and he proceeded to make that match a living hell for me. If he pulled me during hailstorm or mansformation, it would take me out of it. Hailstorm might have always been affected by it, but I’m almost positive mansformation used to remain unaffected. My buddy was also getting pulled out of an active Overdrive as WF, but that sounds like something that has happened to me before. So my question is, was this always the case? I mean, it’s not like GBX hasn’t done ninja patches before, and I know Ghalt just got reworked a bit. Thanks for your input

Don’t know if it effected mansformation before but I know it stopped other ults and abilities

What the guy above me said. Mansformation can be interrupted but has to be done part way through the ground pound animation

Nope Ghalt has always done this. That’s why he could still kill montana late game with full damage helix + Bola’s.

Yep, everything is the same as before.

Not exactly the same as before. All the characters can know be heard clearly and loudly when they’re ulting, so that’s basically asking Ghalt to interrupt you quickly.
This definitely increased the chance of being interrupted, and that may be why you only noticed it now.