Ghalt's new premium skin

I can’t tell what it’s suppose to represent, to me, its business wear with a jennerit scheme. Other then that, I have no idea what it suppose to be referencing.

It reminds me Hellboy.

It gives me a kind of Constantine theme, like a demon hunter or something.

But Ghalt’s gun looks a lot like Hellboy’s gun.

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Yeah, but Hellboy doesn’t wear a tie.

And Constantine doesn’t wear a gun. :smile:

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Hellboy meets Alucard from Hellsing. 300% Badassitude

Honestly though, many skins are no specific references from my perspective, but more original or random skins. Maybe this is one too and everybody thinks of different franchises they like and love^^

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True. And Ghalt was earning a little more love for a long time. :wink:

sigh dammit now I want it even more… Stop trying to take my money, Gearbox!

I actually think it’s not a reference and it’s more like a skin from a theme like Vampirate is to Halloween and Forlorn Hope is to medieval, maybe it’s on the Magical theme skins? since Pendles new skin is kinda related to magic so I’m guessing other are getting Magical themed skins.

Demon hunter gig, that’s really all. Looks cool though.