Ghalt's new trap is a joke. And a really bad one

Yea, guys. Ghalt is nearly dead right now. And I don’t need to say this fact happened because of the unnecessary nerf on his trap, in my opinion. I just played a few PvP matches after the new patch, I know it’s soon to make any jugde, but I’ll give you guys my first opinions and thoughts.

The slow effect in trap is useless in every single way and don’t make any sense.

  • The damage now is totally useless. No one will stay on the trap during it’s full duration because is so easy to get the hell out of there. Sometimes even minions have time to get slowed, walk a bit and don’t suffer trap damage.

  • Every helix that buff traps is useless now. Every one. Every single one. I’ll use Level 2 for example: all of three options are totally useless and just look at them to see how obvious it is. And it’s applied for Ghalt legendary too.

  • The hook now is the weakest pull of the game. Before patch, more than 50% of hooks had the objective to bring a enemy into your trap, what is now useless. You still can put enemy in a bad situation, put some damage on hook etc. But Shayne and Galilea pulls are now better because you don’t have the hook + trap combo. Now it’s just… a pull. And people will get out of that in 2 seconds.

  • Escaping trap and hook is easy. It’s very very very easy to run away from a Ghalt’s pull, even if he pull you into a (useless) trap. Almost every character have a escape skill, mobility or survability to easily avoid the slow or damage after being pulled. Unless you are in a very coordinated and comunicating premade team, it’s very easy to avoid that.

  • The slow effect is just… not slow enough. I felt last night that the enemies barely notice that they’re slowed. I’m not sure on this point, but that was the felling I had: trap slow is one of the worst slows on the game.

  • It kills the fun about playing Ghalt. For me, it just killed the whole playstyle of Ghalt, the fun and the challenge of playing this char. Oh, and now taking Thralls with Ghalt is a pain on the a**. (Btw, thralls are stronger now?)

Well, now my suggestions to “balance” that changes:

  • Give hook a silence effect. It can be through early helix or to the skill itself, but giving hook a 3 second silence (for example) will give you time to put some damage after a pull + trap combo.

  • Give trap a root effect. One more time, throught early helix or to the skill itself. People who are affected by trap can’t move (walking/sprinting) or jump for a few seconds, but still can use skills (if not silenced, sure), attack/shoot and rotate camera. In that way you can put some damage, but not so much then before, because the enemy will not show you his critical spot, can use skills that reduce damage, can damage you (specially meeles that will not allow you to stay close to maximize shotgun damage) etc.
    That will not kill hook + trap combo and will not be so strong as before.

By the way, I think the shotgun damage buff was not needed at all too (but necessary with the trap crazy nerf).

Well, I’ll really like to heard your opinions too, guys. Thanks for reading all this long text and sorry for english mistakes. :slight_smile:


One other possibility: have ALL the trap damage delivered as soon as anyone triggers the trap, and leave the slow as is. As it stands, though, it really isn’t a trap any more.


I was never a fan of Ghalt and I never found him particularly threatening either, he was most dangerous on Overgrowth but very good early game. Late game though, Ghalt fades away. Many character have access to more CC or a better escape, or just have enough health to survive being trapped and enough damage to fight back. Perhaps the point of the removal of the stun but added damage was to make him more viable mid-late game? Either way I viewed that as a cop-out, buffing one stat but nerfing another, I don’t understand why this keeps happening. Will be interesting to see how he is played now though, he may be a better mid-late game Meltdown pick now.

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I never understood his place in the game anyway, he was generally a two trick pony with his trap and hook.

Also everyone else’s AOE you can move out of and avoid full damage, not sure why Ghalt should be so special.

I am hoping (not being a player of Ghalt), that these changes will make people play the character and not a, broken, hobbled, old guy that beats you with a cheap shot.

(To clarify on the last statement, this is pure exaggeration to make a point, Ghalt has never been much of a problem for me)

That’s a good suggestion too, but as you said, it’s more a landmine than a trap lol.

You can’t compare an AoE with Ghalt’s trap, in my opinion. There is a lot of differences between anothers AoE spells/attacks than a trap.

So…maybe the “new way to play this character” is shot his shotgun without rest, because his skills now don’t do much at all.

I assume that the “cheap shot” you said is related to the hook + trap combo, right? If we stop to think about all “perfect combo skills” from almost every character, they are all “cheap shots”. And that’s how it have to be, don’t you think? If you can land a perfect combination of all your skills against a enemy, you should kill (or almost kill) him.

Get rid of his range, increase the skill of the hook trap combo. Then people get too good at that, nerf his trap. What’s next, single shell reload?


Yeap. I didn’t had the opportunity to play Ghalt with Slug Rounds, but I see how it could have been annoying for those who played back at this time.

I think Ghalt will be a finisher now instead of an initiator, before if he hooked you you knew you were almost certainly ■■■■■■, especially if there was an Alani nearby. Now instead of plucking full health BB I think he’ll have to function as a finisher, but instead of chasing or burst damage he’ll pull weak enemies and runners to him. Which he could do before anyway, but now he’ll be more reliant on that style of play.

As for his traps, since minions are stronger now lay them down in minion paths, they’ll at least slow whatever they catch even if only momentarily, and with two in a row it could be enough to make the difference. Since there’s a higher emphasis on minions than before, Ghalt could turn into a sort of pseudo wave clear.


Hmmm, I undestand when you say he can be a finisher, but about the trap… well, still almost useless, even when used against minions. That’s my opinion, sure. Thanks for share yours, btw. :slight_smile:

The hook already disrupts a target’s skills so adding a silence to it won’t really change much. I don’t see how his pull is the weakest in the game considering it’s faster, longer, and does way more damage than S&A’s.

If GBX gives Ghalt a silence, I think it should be on his trap. In conjunction with a heavy slow (or maybe just the medium slow), it would go a long way towards emulating the stun without making his targets feel completely helpless.

There are multiple ways to make Ghalt play better without reverting him back to his previous state, but I think most of us can agree that his traps are pretty pathetic right now (though his shotgun damage is through the roof).


I’m actually really interested in the suggestions you put forth… (for once someone says their grief and then offers a remedy!)

The idea of adding a silence to his kit in some form actually sounds like a good idea! I like the idea of it on his trap so slow+silence might be more valid to help prevent random escapes.

the concept of rooting enemies is also great! it would really change how he plays and would make him think twice about hooking a max health montana or something.

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My idea to The Hook silence is prevent the enemy to use a skill to run away just after being pulled. For example: Ghalt pulls and trap slow a Orendi and she can’t use Nullify to get away for 3 seconds. The hook can “cancel” a skill, but can’t prevent a skill to be used just after the pull. Oh, and yes, the seconds should be counted AFTER the pulling animation :smiley:

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His hook is already good as is though. Don’t we want to make Scraptrap better? :slight_smile: Besides, as Matt_W said, having it on the trap would affect players who try to run away and step on it or simply accidentally walk into it.

Thank you for your feedback, I’m glad you liked the suggestions.

With the root and the “silence hook” with helix choice, we can imagine a lot of possibilities and situations.

  • A Thorn is pulled and rooted, but she still can try to hurt enemy Ghalt with skills and attacks. Pull a Thorn with the silence + root trap combo and she’ll be dead.

  • A Boldur is pulled and rooted, he’ll just put shield up and absorb all the damage, even silenced.

  • A Rath is pulled (without hook silence choice) and rooted to the middle of your team, and he uses the knock up skill + Dreadwind = bad idea of helix choices and enemy to pull. :slight_smile:

I don’t know, I think it will give him a lot of new possibilities without killing the hook and trap combo. Not so deadly as before, not so useless as now.

Hmmmm, it’s good, but I think a silence on it will open a lot of new possibilities. That’s the idea about changing some key stuff on him like the stun on trap, right? Like I just said:

The problem though is that the trap doesn’t do much anymore. Putting a silence on the hook gives the skill too much utility. The pull is incredibly strong by itself as it can displace enemies from great distances into the lion’s den while dealing good damage.


What trap does Shayne pull you into?

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If it can silence and root it might as well just have the stun back. He got a damage boost also. The point was to make it so it isn’t an instant death combo not to make it into an instant death combo with different debuffs. It was changed so that players could escape it, if you’re having trouble try pulling with a team mate close by. Remember this game is balanced around a team not 1v1 otherwise drastic changes would be needed across the board


Lets change traps into land mines or stun for bind/root. I like it.

El dragón nerf was extream but oky now he can focuse on skirmish, but galth! They changes 1 thing and screwed all his hélix options!

Feels like melka without poison…

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