Ghalts pellet party

Does anyone know exactly how this works? it says it increases the amount of pellets to widen the shot is that to try and hit at least somewhat longer range?, or is it to increase damage? and by how much really? does it calculate per pellet? this skill really doesn’t explain much.

It increases the amount of pellets / hitscans that the game fires when you pull the trigger. Doesn’t increase range, it indirectly increases damage because you have 30% more pellets that still deal the same amount of damage per hit. Basically results in (for a direct hit with all pellets on target) a 30% damage increase for the shotgun. However, it does decrease accuracy by a fair amount.


If you go for the wider shot, it actually decreases the range a bit. But yeah, it always did sound like increasing the pellet number increased the overall damage a bit, but I don’t know for sure either.

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It increases the spread of your pellets, as well as increasing the number of pellets. In theory, this is a 30% damage buff at point blank range, but actually seems to decrease your damage at range, since your pellets have a much larger larger area (area increases quadratically as radius increases) to form a random pattern in.

The accuracy impairment is not worth the damage increase.

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there is no accuracy impairment. It means you can be more off-center and still get good damage in. This is especially good for keeping mobility by firing from the hip and hitting those small, dodgy characters.

LOL ALWAYS take that helix. Getting crits with his shotgun becomes super easy and activates all the lovely “on crit” items in your inventory. it only takes one pellet… Let me tell you it can happen at any range so keep firing. As long as 1 pellet hits, activated! Even if it causes just 2 hp in damage at extended range, it activates…

I never take this helix. It causes most of your shots (even at point blank range, with the entire reticle over your enemy) to miss completely. Less hits, less crits, less damage.

More importantly, isn’t the trade off for this helix his new barrier option? IMO, barrier is one of the best helixes in the game and really shouldn’t be passed up

You shoot 30% more pellets which in theory, at all pellets hitting, gives you a 30% increase in damage. But in PvP I would never take this option unless the team is composed of Montana, Isic, Attikus, Toby, and Kelvin. Seriously, the accuracy trade off is so bad that you will actually do less damage trying to hit smaller frames like Alani, Thorn, Melka, Rath, anyone that isn’t a tank, etc. This was why everyone opt’d out for slugs before it got removed(put all that pellet damage into one blast).

Go for Barrier always my friend in PvP, you overall benefit more if you are a good shot, which you need to be with Ghalt. The bigger spread is just a cop out for players who aren’t as good a shot.