Ghalt's quick melee does 62.58% more DPS than Mellka's alt melee (and other fun facts!)

@blainebrossart1 and I spent several hours testing a bunch of Mellka/Rath things in-game. On a whim, we detoured to check out a few other oddball things - including the DPS of several quick melees and alternate fires.

You know where I’m going with this!

So first, the method: I killed Blaine, then we used the “damage dealt” and “time taken” numbers from the death screen. Divide the damage by the time, and that’s our DPS. We mostly used Rath as as the test dummy, but for Kleese, because of his increased damage vs shields, we swapped in Thorn.

Here’s the data displayed in a graph, first. A blue bar is a melee attack; a yellow bar is a ranged attack; the grey bar is a hypothetical result (Mellka can’t sustain venom on anyone long enough to kill them with melee, so to get this figure, I added her +16% venom melee bonus. Basically I only added this figure to pre-empt the “But what about her venom melee bonus?” objections, haha.)

A couple of fun observations:

  1. Ghalt’s quick melee is disgusting wtf.

  2. Mellka’s alt melee does less damage than Ambra’s Scorching Strikes with zero heat. Both do less damage than a bunch of quick melees. We tested Scorching Strikes with increased heat, and it got a little better, but not that much.

  3. Shayne’s ranged alt attack does more damage than Mellka’s melee alt attack. This is without any of the boomerang helixes Shayne gets, mind you. (The only melee damage/speed helix Mell ever gets is an attack speed increase at level 9.)

  4. Caldy’s quick melee does more damage than Mell’s alt melee, while his alt melee significantly outdamages even the hypothetical Mell venom melee. His level 2 attack speed helix is worth keeping in mind. He’s still probably outdamaged by Ghalt though.

  5. What is the point of Mellka’s alt melee? She has the lowest health+shield pool total in the game, she has a gun, and she can even spam canisters and venom from range for better damage than this.

  6. F’ing Kleese, man.

The numbers:

Kleese quick melee: 83 DPS
Mellka quick melee: 89.92 DPS
Miko quick melee: 95.80 DPS
Mellka alternate melee: 96.96 DPS
Ambra alt melee with zero heat: 99 DPS
Marquis quick melee: 103.85 DPS
Shayne’s quick melee: 109.7 DPS
Caldarius quick melee: 110.31 DPS
(hypothetical) Mellka alternate melee on a venom target: 112.47 DPS - note, venom lasts only 4 seconds
Shayne’s boomerang: 116.42 DPS
Caldarius alt melee: 127.15 DPS
Whiskey quick melee: 136.60
Kleese cannon primary: 153.57 DPS
Kleese taser: 156.51 DPS
Ghalt quick melee: 157.64

@gRANT can we expect to see Mellka’s melee DPS brought more into line in the coming patch? If not, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the role of her melee in the current game!


Another fun thing we figured out: Rath’s primary melee combo has a DPS of 164.82. That’s only 7.18 DPS higher than Ghalts DPS on his quick melee.


And he does it with the side of his shotgun. Rath must be appalled beyond belief. “No, you’re doing it all wrong!”


More fun facts: You can fire Ghalt’s shotgun while quick meleeing

Rath’s swords were forged by himself after over a millennia honing his skills as a blacksmith. They are truly masterpieces that he poured his blood, sweat, and tears into making perfect. They are so sharp that they are actually capable of slicing atoms (that is inadvisable though). And they hit about as hard as the side of a shotgun.


oh lord.

Also, part of me wants to take out the “Mellka venom alt” stat just because of how misleading it is. It can only ever be, at best, a four second window of +16% damage. Yet I just added 16% damage to the whole thing as if it were possible to sustain that kind of damage. Which is hugely generous. And it still turns out to suck.


Ghalts quick melee is monstrous…

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These numbers prove how f*cking disgusting Kleese’s damage is. Don’t forget, his primary attack isn’t affected by damage fall off, and has a massive max range.

He sniped me at my health station in overgrowth, while he was behind the wall at the center of the map.

Good work with these numbers, maybe now Mellka will get a buff.

But I swear to god, if they nerf Whiskey’s quick melee, I’ll be out for blood.


For kicks, I once played a game on Coldsnap as Whiskey using nothing but quick melee… with Vow of Vengeance. I went 11-0 haha


It’s great when people underestimate how much damage it deals. I’ve killed several Raths that way. I think Toby deals decent damage as well. I wonder how he stacks up.


Don’t forget that on top of all of that it does considerable bonus damage to shields.

EDIT: Oh, I also forgot to mention that he doesn’t have to reload his primary so that damage is never stopping. And it has no recoil or any arc in it’s travel. Perfectly straight shots that never end and no fall off damage.


I’d stop bitching if they changed how much damage he deals to health. It makes sense that if you melt shields, you’re less effective to health, otherwise, you’re just a DPS, not a support.

Make Kleese’s taser deal 25% less damage to health,

AND make his cannon lose a lot of it’s punch past mid range. He doesn’t need a long range tool for how powerful he is at short range. To compensate, you could change his Charged laser to be effective at long range, this would be fine because he doesn’t have the disgusting attack speed.

This would also make Kelvin and other eldrid a decent counter pick, since they have more health and passive regen than the others, it’d be hard for kleese to cheese them like he can with literally everyone else.

This might sound like too much, but it’s really not. Kleese’s skill ceiling is so low, it hurts.


I would justify his damage and utility behind his primary and secondary attacks if his health was lowered again. Let him be really hard to kill or let him be really good at killing, not both.


Whattt? Really?

Sadly, though Caldy supposed to be Melee/Range hybrid, I chose to use Ernest’s off-hand melee (I swear, it hits like a machinegun) often but Caldy’s “special combo” barely as a sort of curiosity (I know, bleeed n’ stuff, but it just doen’t do much stuff in practice, and it slows him down).
BTW That famous pose Caldy uses+his melee combo weapon: wonder if the idea of him having a flying kick melee was never considered, or just scrapped…

Also: I find Montana and Alani having the worst melee when talking about application, like of all time.

Probably literal

Is there more to know about this?

I and most people don’t appear to care about his primary damage, because sadly no one uses it. I want it buffed and his taser nerfed

Fun melee facts: Boldurs allows him to float for a short amount of time. Takes a lil bit of timing but it’s fun

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When you’ve read this sentence to its end, all sentiments of hostility vs charming senior citizens will have vaporized and vanished.

…This is awesome, Whoa caliber awesome.

But…Where’s Thorn? Her melee is huge.

So that brings anther thought, Ghalt vs Thorn, his melee is huge but two are slower than three of Thorns.
She wins!

Oh sh*t @blainebrossart1 remember that melee Toby?


Did you guys test any of these WITH gear as a “what if” scenario? It would be interesting to see just how much damage you can get with all-attack damage gear.

Also on the same, slightly OT subject, by adding up the total damage of skill/attack damage gear, is it in % or just in numbers? For example, I have a healing loadout that does 28 healing in total (this is by adding all the “heal power” combined). Would that number be in percentage, as in, it does 28% more healing or…?

Anyway, nice maths!

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