Ghalt's shotguns just randomly not connecting?

This applies to both his ultimate, and his basic attack. There are lots of times where you unload on someone even at point blank range and half your clip misses. Many times this can be the difference in getting a kill or having them run away with half health.

And his ultimate sometimes is even worse. I really don’t understand it. I’m really bummed about it because I went against Ghalt in the beta one time and he looked incredible and he was the character I most looked forward to playing, but because of his shoddy hit detection, I can’t stand using him. Other than that, his kit is great fun.

I wonder if recoil reduction gear would maybe help? Probably not.


Loads of people have run into this and have posted about it. Hopefully GBX has taken note and intends to fix it soon. I wanna play our lovable walking movie poster with a degree of confidence again :’)

This is true it the slug round that bugged just skip that upgrade and you will hit with all shots it a bug that needs fixing

Lagging aim is also a bug or just a feature?

Ghalt is also one of my mains, and I must say, this bug is very annoying. Most of the time whenever I hook someone and trap them, I shoot my whole clip in their face, to gain the crits, and only about 3-4 of the 8 shots connect. Not only that whenever you go for the Long Range skill it always seems to make it worse by missing a couple of shots every clip. Though even with the bug I still manage to come out on top most of the games but this issue should be addressed as quickly as possible.

I have experienced this, too, and only with Ghalt. I find it occurs most often during his ultimate, but that is possiblly because I only notice it so easily when I am rapidly firing both revolver shotguns. It is indeed rather frustrating when you spend a few seconds firing away and hit absolutely nothing. Fortunately, it always corrects iteself and does not require quitting the match or anything, but it is still very bizarre.

Yeah its getting super annoying. Hook someone into a trap and watch as 2-3 of my shots dont hit for no apparent reason. Only to have them excape/ not die. Slug rounds seem to make the problem worse.

Small example:

You ‘miss’ a shot at about 4 seconds in, where the splash effect directly behind Alani suggests you shot through her, or somehow around her.
There’s also a shot at around 7 seconds in that hits the wall behind Alani that seems to travel from a position a little to your right. You’re backing up, but you don’t turn your camera in this period so I don’t think it’s a trick of angles that’s causing such a noticeable skew.
And at around 10 seconds another shot appears to hit the same wall, near the bottom of the ramp, as if you had fired at it dead on.
I really can’t come up with a good explanation that gives a unified understanding of what the hell is going on there. Because there are videos of people shooting his ult in to Geoff and doing nothing, they don’t even seem to leave behind an impact in the ground when using it, and that’s something that should happen if they are missing in any way. So a lot may be bugging out here.