Ghalt's Slug Rounds mutation

I’ll be the first to say I adore Ghalt. He’s a fun character with great utility and decent damage. I do have a slight question however about his lvl 3 Slug Rounds helix skill. Often times (both PvE and PvP) when I shoot after taking this skill my bullets seem to either miss entirely (even when the opponent is literally point blank range) or have a slight delay for their impact. I totally get that playing Ghalt as a sniper doesn’t really work considering no matter what he is still using a shotgun, but this seems to be a strange occurrence. The main reason I bring it up is because I have literally shot at a stationary target from a mid range distance and missed which is a bit frustrating.

If any other Ghalt players have any input I’d really appreciate it. Thank you all in advance.

EDIT: come to think of it, his mines seem to have a slight delay to deploy them and drop in odd places if you’re moving while placing them…

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I think Bahroo has a partial video about this, he claims you need to be closer after that is enabled.

…you need to be closer after increasing your weapon’s range? I think maybe I’m misunderstanding that.

Didn’t mean related to range, closer for damage.
I’m only level 35 and don’t have access to Ghalt yet.

Oh, yea. The damage lowers with distance, but I mean I could have someone 3 meters away and hit them dead center and it’ll do nothing.

Slug rounds are complete trash. They apparently follow the random spread of normal pellets and don’t hit dead center. You will probably get like one critical aiming for the head after shooting 4 rounds that will completely miss.


Honestly with many characters I find myself missing my target even when it’s not moving and i’m aiming right at it (pvp & pve).
Not even with ghalt but with many characters.
But in PVP very often I feel like the shotgun doesn’t hit at all…

I remember this happened to toby when I tried to attack at really close range. I believe that the projectile comes directly out of your character’s gun and miss because your gun is clipping inside the enemy or shooting above/beside it.

That’s what I thought at first as well, but then I tried it with someone in a private match and stood back far enough to avoid that issue and it still missed around 2/5 times

Used slugs once said “this is bull” switched back to spread because even at mid range the spread causes more damage than without. And the mine has like a .5 second delay to arm so you have to lead your target a little

I kinda hope the issue with slugs gets fixed or something because I thrive on gun accuracy. As for the mine I kinda feel that stinks. I wanna place a mine in the place I’m aiming that moment, not 3 meters to the left (where I was looking two seconds before). I suppose it makes sense considering he is territorial, but it’s still a tad irritating.

I use his mine as a gank combo by throwing mine then using chain grab to pull on the mine. By the time they get to the mine it will have armed

I do that as well, but often they see the hook coming and dodge it easily. Even after I take the increased speed and radius it’s still kinda difficult. I would increase the radius more with the first helix, but I love that stealth trap WAY too much. Set them in the turret rooms on Overgroth and laugh at fools who get stuck and run away.

I pick the three hook instead of speed and range so I don’t have to aim much. And that stealth trapping is great! I always pick it on capture mode.

I always forget about the triple hook. I guess I’ll get better with it in time. Odd part is that I rock the Shayne and Aurox Fetch.

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That fetch is great with its big area of grab

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Using ghalt slug rounds mutation without too many problems, are u sure it’s not lag or something else that makes u miss the target?

Remember that with this mutation you have to be more accourate since you have no more a shotgun but a single bullet gun

I’ve shot people point blank and missed even when they’re standing still so lag and accuracy aren’t the issue. I appreciate the feedback though :slight_smile:

You’re welcome mate, i’ll try to look better into this issue and notice if this will happen also to me

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