Ghalt's Slugs Disabled During Ult

Since I moved from playing Capture, where I can go full CQB damage, and get loads out of his ult, I’ve started playing Ghalt in Incursion, where I need to run Slugs and play mid-range.

Activating Ghalt’s ult with slugs seems to put me back to needing to be up close as if I never took slugs, which doesn’t really work most of the time without getting me killed. Feels pointless ulting as I can perform decent damage output at mid-range, and can 90-100% anyone I pull into a trap already.

Only times I’ve found ulting useful are for niche situations where I gain CC-immunity at Level 10 to ignore Alani.

Am I wrong if I say you may be the only person who finds those slugs useful? :blush:

They’re amazing, I don’t get what people find so bad about them…
…are people aiming down sights or something (that may be where the bug is)?

Who the hell aims down sights on shotguns?

…Well in the real world there are shotguns with rifled slug chambers, you can hunt large animals with them.