Ghalt's ultimate

Ontop of Ghalts ult not hitting people at point blank range (has already been discussed) I noticed a more clear-cut issue I guess you could say. Everytime I activate his ult, If I go to step on a jump pad it deactivates it :confused: I’m not sure if this is intentional or a bug but either way it’s kinda stupid that I lose my ultimate just from stepping on a stupid jump pad.

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Yeah, it seems right now Ghalt’s ultimate can be stopped easily. Whether it is a jump pad and any ability. Which is especially annoying when his ultimate is dependent on sustaining fire.

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Whenever I activate someone’s ultimate I feel like a badass, when I activate Ghalts I immediately regret my decision lol


I think adding some damage resistance would help when you activate Gault’s ult. Because when you activate your ultimate and charge into shotgun-effective range, you often just get surrounded and pummeled.

All skills will be cancelled from stepping on a jump pad.


Ghalt is a pretty pathetic character imo. He seems fine in PVP, but in PVE he’s TERRIBAD!

For some reason I have an absurdly hard time landing crits with his shotgun; even at point plank range I swear it usually just ignores the crits…

And yeah his ultimate is pretty… “blah”.

I think he needs to go train more with Salvador lol. :]

They need to remove the 3 second animation on cast.

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If it was removed he’d be pretty stupid.
The ult has a delay to force two choices after a pull

-ult immediately and loose out in burst earlier but more damage after a little while
-shoot immedtely then once they can move ult to finish them.

Both have flaws to the use but one is better then the other based on your scenario.
His ult isn’t really that impressive because his helixes and kit is THAT good in pvp so it’s hard to give him an ult that doesn’t make him a stupid mess

Um… Jump pads cancel ultimates just as a thing. It cancels ISIC’s ult, too. And oh god, Ghalt is far, far, far too powerful in PvE already. Played right (which isn’t hard) he can absolutely destroy the damage numbers of everyone else. In PvE, other characters need to be buffed up to be relevant when grouping with him.

So please… No more Ghalt buffs. Think of the horribly underpowered people who have no chance with him around. Like Whiskey Foxtrot.