Ghast Call come in anointed, mirvtacular, or recurring?

Just wonder if the Ghast call can drop as anointed, mirvtacular, or recurring. Been farming for 4 days now and the best I’ve gotten is cloning.

Cloning n roid prefux only. Recurring ghast is a modded grenade. Theres some out there

As for anointed havent seen any. Im assuming no or i could be wring

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Might i ask how you got your cloning? Ive been forming for days for any other version other than the normal one. I run tvhm M3 heck runs non stop. Got my guardian luck up to like +13 and i also run a relic with plus 12.33 luck. Any tips?

Iv only ever seen Cloaning. I also don’t think it can come with more then one modifier. It kind of sucks that the Halloween legendary items are so random and rare and its only around for a few weeks.
Took me 3 days to get one fearmonger on Mayhem 3 and I have not seen another since then.

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