Ghast call grenade

So I have only been doing the bloody harvest events very casually. Mostly ignoring it. Although if I happen to have completed the quest when I’m back on Sanctuary I will go ahead and do the heck hole.

Some of the event anointed weapons are OK I guess but I’m not a fan of the whole terror mechanic and can’t wait for it to go away, honestly. I also haven’t gotten many of the legendary event items and the couple I got like a shield and I think something else I forgot seemed kind of bad.

That being said I been using this ghast call grenade and man does it seem good (but mostly if you hit the target directly with the initial grenade). Not sure how well this item scales to max level or into mayhem but seems like it would be good. Anyone else been using this and liking it?

So far I only have 2 sort of lower level versions. I really need to get a max level version before this goes away. Is there any way to improve chances of getting it or is it just random? Like is it better to farm haunt or just look for loot ghosts or what?

the Haunt legendaries drop from the yellow ghost skulls. I got the sniper (underwhelming IMHO) from one of the Pumpkin Head “raks” near the beginning of the haunt. I haven’t seen any of the other items.

Good to know! I got some “Scream of Terror” a moment ago that I didn’t use from one… thought it was a world drop.

Don’t they also drop from Haunt himself?

That Scream of Terror is a shield? I think I got the same one. It didn’t seem that great to me.

This ghast call nade is great though. I highly recommend finding one. Just make sure when you throw it you hit something. The resulting ghosts that come out act like homing grenades but the initial nade doesn’t and you will miss a huge amount of damage if you don’t get a direct hit.

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The Bloody Harvest specific legendaries can also drop from Captain Haunt. I know I’ve gotten the shield and shotgun from him specifically. I got the grenade from something else in Heckhole. Both my grenade and shotgun from the event are corrosive.

I’m pretty sure with all(?) the new terror legendary items, the more terror stacks you have the better.

My Amara runs a terror shield (action skill end) & 1 grenade strips Haunt’s shield, a 2nd one will trip the first immune phase. My Ghast call has a cloning (I think) prefix. Keep a eye out, they are wicked good

I have farmed for ever trying to find the cloning version… No luck. If you find another ill trade for it!

I got 2 of these things early on and a few other legendary items. However, lately I’m getting zilch. I haven’t seen any legendary items for almost 20 levels now. WTH. Initially, after getting 2 of those ghast call nades before level 19 I thought they must be fairly common…now I’m thinking I just got really lucky. Still using my level 19 one at 37 and it still does great damage. Wish I could find a new one!

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