Ghast grenade and fearmonger not droping?

Why are the ghast grenade and fearmonger not droping for me, l have done Captain Haunt over 50 times and killed endless loot ghost but nothing. Can anyone help me.

If you’re trying to finish the challenge to loot a Bloody Harvest legendary, and then to kill Captain Haunt with a legendary Bloody Harvest weapon, you might be SOL.

I’ve killed Captain Haunt six times on M3 TVHM and he’s dropped a grand total of ZERO legendary items. I blame the nerfed loot drop rates, which IMO are no longer commensurate with difficulty. Normally I play in pre-patch (offline) mode to get the pre-nerf drop rates, but you can’t do that with the event.

l am playing online as l know these don’t drop on offline…

Obviously. You can’t even do the event in pre-patch/offline mode because it falls into the same category as hotfixes. My point was that there’s no way to work around the craptastic loot drop rates, and you’re not the only one who’s not getting any legendary drops from Captain Haunt.

The new items has a very low rate drop chance, maybe a tweak to increase a bit should be fine, same thing, killed a lot of times Haunt and nothing, cand drop legendaries but not the new gear :confused:

yes same here for me, l think it is absolutely stupid on the drop rate.

at least we have a month for it…? I’m on. a dry streak of legendaries from haunt as well

it would help if we could just go straight to him instead of collecting 25 souls then having to run through to get to him, what a pain in the rear…